The Mallard Slayer Double-Reed’s quality design promotes proper technique for hunters learning to call, leading to better lifelong habits.


EAGLE, Idaho, September 28, 2021 — Developed to make learning good calling habits easy for new duck hunters, Slayer Calls on Tuesday launched the Mallard Slayer Double-Reed to help hunting novices.

“Many beginners start with a cheap option and, in doing so, develop poor calling habits that are hard to undo,” Slayer CEO Bill Ayer said. “Getting the right call from the start builds a solid foundation for becoming a great caller.”

The Mallard Slayer duck call builds on the design of the Drake Slayer Double-Reed — the call that took Ayer 10 years to perfect as the all-around best duck call on the market. The call doesn’t compromise on quality so new hunters learn without picking up bad habits, such as:

Weak breath: A cheap call is often too easy to blow, so the caller never masters stabilizing the diaphragm and abdominal muscles to aid in strong lung control.

Poor hand placement: Calls without proper back pressure mean that a caller likely won’t learn to alter chamber pressure with their hands.

Immobile tongue: When a call can’t make a variety of sounds, it discourages the hunter from experimenting with tongue positioning — the key to unlocking a range of calls.

Larynx overuse: A caller may overuse their larynx, almost grunting, to compensate for a cheap call that isn’t built to sound ducky on its own.

The waterfowl call uses a DuPont Delrin soundboard, just-right back pressure and Slayer’s signature design for a call that sounds like a dream and promotes good habits from Day 1.

“You don’t want a bad call on your lanyard,” Ayer said. “Like a bad pair of boots breaks down your feet over time, a bad call will take its toll. Keep your lanyard dressed to a tee to create good habits for a lifetime.”

The Slayer team began developing the call following a round of funding from investors Matt Rissell and Brandon Zehm earlier in 2021. The Mallard Slayer Double-Reed duck call for beginners is 100% made in America and available on

About Slayer Calls: Slayer Calls was founded by CEO Bill Ayer in 2018 in Eagle, Idaho. Slayer’s team is obsessed with handcrafting the best hunting calls, backed by a lifetime guarantee. Slayer gives back to conservation efforts by donating 10% of every purchase.

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