Telespeech Therapy’s approach to virtual and online speech-language therapy services has made this often much-needed service much more accessible to individuals in need. Their online learning capabilities ensure comprehensive service delivery and focus on individual concerns to give parents and children the best possible care. For the past 10 years, Telespeech Therapy has continuously seen amazing results, making them a sure-fire option for your speech-language therapy needs. To find out more, click here.


Bakersfield, CA, August 13, 2021 – Speech and language therapy has never been more accessible than with Telespeech Therapy. This California-based company provides virtual and online speech therapy for children in the California Schools Districts in need of this service.

In addition to in-person sessions, the company also opts to use virtual speech therapy for schools and individuals. It does this because the ability to learn virtual provides a flexible schedule for parents and children as well as ensuring the comfortability of a familiar home environment. Telespeech Therapy’s online capabilities additionally eliminate regional barriers, ensuring a wider range of access for their clients.

Therapy sessions take place on a web-based platform with on-site clinicians who used evidence-based techniques to help schools and individuals. Telespeech Therapy’s techniques have delivered amazing results over the past 10 years, making them a top pick for concerned parents or teachers.

Individual speech-language therapy sessions take place on the above-mentioned online platform. Participants are encouraged to make use of an audio headset and a webcam to receive adequate assistance, should they need it. These remote sessions are often more beneficial because the student receives comprehensive services and ensures that the student’s individual needs are met. In a group session, these needs are often missed which makes an individual session all the more alluring.

Additionally, Telespeech Therapy provides schools in Bakersfield speech therapy services. Qualified speech-language pathologists meet with schools to develop a tailored plan for their district’s needs and this ensures a unique and effective approach. Schools that have made use of Telespeech Therapy in the past, have found their methods to be incredibly effective and of good value. This is also due to the fact that Telespeech Therapy makes use of comprehensive speech and language assessments found in the Pearsons Q-Global Standardized Speech and Language Assessment Library. This is a popular assessment method among pathologists across the United States.

Parents who are concerned about whether or not their insurance will cover their speech-language therapy sessions can click here to learn more about coverage and additional options available to them.

About Telespeech Therapy:

Telespeech Therapy was founded by a former school-based speech-language and pathologist and special education administrator with over 15 years of experience. Telespeech Therapy has experience with the SIRAS System and makes house calls when needed. In addition, all speech-language pathologists employed by the company receive comprehensive training in the special education software utilized by the district to ensure the best results, along with live, hands-on, comprehensive, and direct training in telepractice services.

Contact Details:

Name: Christy Slayton
Email: [email protected]
Company: Telespeech Therapy 
Address: 9500 Flushing Quail Rd #500, Bakersfield, CA 93312
Phone: (661) 393-4022