LOS ANGELES, CA – May 4, 2024 – Equities News, an impact investing media platform, today announced that Craig Lewis, a former pro basketball player, fintech leader, and the Founder and CEO of Gig Wage, a venture-backed Gig workforce SaaS company, has joined the platform as its newest contributor.

Through this collaboration, Equities News will leverage Craig Lewis’ experience as an athlete-turned-entrepreneur, expertise in financial technology, and passion for improving financial security for 1099 workers. As the Founder and CEO of Gig Wage, Lewis can provide Equities News readers with valuable insights and expert analysis on the changing landscape of the gig workforce and how it intersects with the world of impact investing.

Lewis will provide his unique perspective on innovation, capital-efficient growth, and supporting independent workers will provide Equities News readers with valuable perspectives on the evolving impact investing landscape.

“Partnering with pro-athlete turned successful entrepreneur Craig Lewis will be invaluable in shaping our impact investing content and expanding our reach,” said Paula DeLaurentis, Equities News CEO. “His story is impressive and inspiring which aligns with our commitment to elevating companies, people, and brands who are working to create a more sustainable and equitable future.”

Craig Lewis expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “I’m pumped to team up with Equities News – they’re the real deal when it comes to impact investing news and insights. Together, we’ll be able to share my journey with content that will give encouragement to others who are passionate about helping others through their work. Our goal is to empower readers to make investment moves that create real, positive change by investing in companies they believe in. I can’t wait to get started.” 

Prior to founding Gig Wage, Lewis held leadership roles at Kairos, a venture-backed facial recognition and emotion detection startup. He was also a professional basketball player in Europe. Lewis is known for his innovative approach, bold vision, and deep understanding of the evolving financial and workforce landscapes.

The partnership between Equities News and Craig Lewis is expected to commence immediately, with Lewis’ first contributions appearing on the Equities News platform in the coming weeks. Female footballer Santia Deck is also a partner in the athlete-turned-entrepreneur series. She owns Tronus, the first sneaker company owned by a female athlete.

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