For Immediate Release

December 05, 2019

The information-packed ebook The IBS Miracle™ – How To Free Your Life From Irritable Bowel Syndrome by James Walden is now available for purchase and immediate downloading. Anyone suffering from IBS will quickly discover this is the book they have been waiting for because it assembles comprehensive research on Irritable Bowel Syndrome into one information source.

This ebook is unique in that it offers a systematic and natural approach to permanently relieving IBS through dietary and lifestyle changes. As a system already tested by thousands of people, the program’s natural remedies are easy to follow and can be adapted by anyone to suit their personal circumstances.

James Walden is a nutritionist, biomedical researcher and health consultant who personally suffered from IBS for over 8 years. Doctors were unable to provide relief, so he embarked on a research journey in the hope of finding an IBS cure. After thousands of hours spent reading medical publications, interviewing health professionals and self-experimenting with nutritional and lifestyle options, he permanently cured his IBS 4 years ago.

Since then, thousands of men and women have tried the natural treatment system developed by Walden. The underlying premise of the book is that each person must develop a unique natural treatment plan that specifically targets their symptoms. The ability to personalise the system explains the high rate of success people experience after following the treatment guidelines.

The book explains the current medical information available concerning IBS and concisely explains IBS symptoms. It then delves into the many natural treatments that IBS sufferers can use to relieve their own symptoms. The IBS Miracle is a medication-free approach to reducing or eliminating IBS symptoms, so that people can live a quality life that includes once again enjoying meals and social occasions.

Walden is so certain that people can take control of their own IBS treatments and cure their symptoms once and for all, that he offers 3 bonuses with a purchase.

First, the book comes with a 2-month no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

Second, each purchaser gets 3 months of unlimited private email consultations with the author, James Walden. This offer means each buyer gets remarkable value with the purchase of the ebook.

Third, buyers will get automatic free lifetime ebook updates.

The IBS Miracle™ – How To Free Your Life From Irritable Bowel Syndrome by James Walden can be immediately downloaded in digital format (PDF) by visiting The initial selling price is purposely set low to give everyone a chance to purchase the book. If you are ready to cure your IBS, then this book offers hope of success once and for all.

Myron Brigham