Are you excited about buying a car online? Or have you ever thought to yourself “It’ll be easy to sell my car online.”? Probably not. Buying a car online in Nigeria comes with its disadvantages. We know that. Outdated online classifieds now have loads of shady cars, untrustworthy people and time-wasting shenanigans. The information that sellers give of these cares is often-time misrepresented- resulting in a lack of transparency on these platforms. We’ve all been through the wringer trying to buy cars in Nigeria. However, there is good news! Get excited!

Spicyauto has a range of premium vehicles that have been examined and approved for sale. At Spicyauto, we prioritize quality over quantity. We ensure premium quality checks of all vehicles in the following ways:
First, we ensure that dealers have been verified. Second, we ensure that the cars are verified and are also in great condition before they are placed on our website. We also take crisp clean photos of the car- including the mileage and ensure that the supplied information about the car is as accurate as possible. Plus you also get see honest reviews of what users think of the car you’re about to purchase before buying it.

Now you can shop for any car (whether it’s a brand new car, Nigerian used or Tokunbo) of your choice in a fun and interactive way, without thinking of scammers, shady cars and untrustworthy people! Your next ride is a few clicks away – as we desire to connect serious sellers with trustworthy buyers like you. Finding cars for sale in Nigeria has never been easier.


…creating transparency for everyone.