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Santa Clara CA, April 6, 2021 – Sonic Acoustics has recently launched its brand-new website and offers its customers a unique online experience. Since its inception, the company has developed working relationships with industry-leading creative artists, providing a special touch to all forms such as music, streaming platforms, and YouTube. They have built relationships that have allowed them to create epic content and dazzle consumers with a quality product.

Sonic Acoustics started from humble beginnings, founded three years ago on the belief that there had to be a much better alternative to the expensive acoustic foam panels available at that time. Their quality has kept evolving along with the scope of the brand, and what started as a way to give back to smaller creators is now a way for everyone to enhance their sound and recording quality.

The company is proud of its business model, which centers on the reduction of excess materials from packaging while also keeping our brand up to date with the latest soundproofing technology. Their products convey efficiency and professionalism while striving to create the best environment for customers to create a high-quality sound and recording product. Their products are specifically targeted at those who love to be creative, imaginative, and artistic and require quality materials to enhance their acoustic environments. 

Their years of professional insights, combined with product exploration and innovation, have resulted in product development that performs in almost every situation and environment, creating optimum sound solutions for a wide variety of needs. Sonic Acoustics continues to develop industry-leading solutions that offer incredible performance at a price dramatically less than competitors and much more costly alternatives.

Existing customer reviews state that their products are “Perfect and thick” they also use them specifically for industry, “I bought these for my podcast studio. I have purchased many different types of acoustic foams, and these are by far the best. Excellent sound absorption and they are all perfectly square and precisely 2 inches thick”. 

“These are amazing! Not only are they plenty thick for soundproofing a room, but they also have a pretty cool design to them. The pyramid design helps break up the acoustics a bit better in my opinion and look stylish. Once received, you need to let them unravel themselves and come back to their original shape as they will be flat. They work great for any sound work you may need or to reduce the reverb drastically,” “buyers rave. 

Sonic Acoustics prides itself on providing the best quality materials to give customers the best sound and the best equipment to become inspired to create. One huge difference between Sonic Acoustics and competitors is their unlimited passion for helping all of its customers attain truer sound at a reasonable price. This stems from a long process of research into the industry and finding that it was apparent that there were no good, straightforward guides to help customers build their own studios. The company’s years of providing products to performing musicians (both on tour and in the studio), like streamers, music lovers, and professional sound engineers, has resulted in a truly unique understanding of its customer’s quest for superior sound!

For more information on Sonic Acoustics, visit their websites below and get a closer sound for all that they offer.

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