Ocean Springs, MS, April 27, 2021 – PFG Optics has provided high-quality, high-precision optics produced in the US for more than four decades. From the deep ultraviolet (UV) to mid-wave infrared (MWIR), products include custom lenses, mirrors, prisms, beamsplitters, polarizers, and other flat optics for use in your specific application. We also pride ourselves on our ability to work with over 100 different glass types and optical materials.

We are motivated to consistently impress our customers, to have people who genuinely enjoy what they do, and to have leadership that is committed to individual and corporate achievement. This commitment to continuously innovate our products and processes means you can rely on us to provide the highest quality precision optics available. 

An important segment of our business is with the defense community – from sub-safe parts exposed to harsh conditions on the ocean floor to radiation-resistant thermally stable components traveling amongst the stars. PFG is comfortable producing tight-tolerance military-grade optics for a variety of applications – from sighting, targeting, and range finding to directed energy lasers. 

Assemblies produced with our optics are also in our wheelhouse of expertise. From cementing achromats to the alignment and mounting of optics in metal housings, we have the experience, equipment, and metrology to complete your sub-assembly. Some of our previous assemblies include: 

  • Eyepieces
  • laser beam expanders
  • machine vision lens assemblies
  • night vision systems
  • optical rangefinders
  • prism assemblies
  • IR objectives 
  • heads-up displays

We provide most environmental testing capabilities in-house to shorten deliveries and verify durability. This includes those required to meet MIL-SPEC: abrasion, adhesion, humidity, temperature, salt spray fog, and salt solubility. We also have all of the required DFARS and NIST cybersecurity measures in place to ensure the safety and security of your data and CUI. We are registered in the System for Award Management (SAM), ISO 9001:2015 registered, and also ITAR compliant. 

Although PFG has a vast amount of experience with the security & defense optics segment, we produce high-precision optics for commercial applications as well. This includes applications in AR/VR, astronomy, basic research/science, biomedical/medical imaging, cameras and imaging systems, communications, detectors & sensors, displays, industrial sensing, laser systems, semiconductor, spectroscopy, test and measurement, and vehicle sensing and control. 

For our semiconductor and medical equipment customers, in addition to meeting their envelope-pushing specifications, we provide lot control and 100% inspection reports. For even greater precision, this includes lot control when the melt variation requires in-process specification modification (Zernike specified tolerances). 

We are fortunate to also include national laboratories, research universities, and emerging technology companies as customers. 

With the understanding of your application, we will use the best fabrication and coating process technology – whether minimizing mid-spatial frequency, optimizing laser damage, or preventing spectral shift – to give you the performance you require. At PFG Optics, our capabilities do not fall on just our equipment and tooling, but the expertise of our engineers and operators. 

As a family-owned business in our fourth generation, we abide by the values of hard work, integrity, and respect. If you would like to work with an optics manufacturer that shares your goals and vision, please contact us with the requirements of your optical system for more information.

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