Brooks Conkle, the owner of Kea Marketing LLC, discusses the future of the economy and education. He creates content about the disruption of education and the changes in the workplace. As college education costs keep rising, he dedicates his time to provide online information and help be a part of alternative education solutions. For more information on how Brooks helps provide this information, visit 


Mobile, AL, April 8, 2021 ‒ Brooks Conkle, owner of Brooks Conkle, has been a proponent of the new remote working revolution and how it is disrupting the entire workforce U.S. economy.  

“Everything has changed. Companies were forced to make changes in the last 12 months that may have taken 5-10 years to develop on their own,” said Brooks Conkle, owner of Kea Marketing LLC. “Companies that had large commercial spaces were forced overnight to develop new processes to work remotely. Now we are going to see what percentage of those return to the original normal. It will be very few.”

“Couple that with education costs continuing to rise, and you have a perfect storm with entrepreneurs looking to steer their futures. And even if you don’t want to run your own business, companies like Google have newly formed programs to allow you to go through training in 6 months and then be employed by them, directly bypassing the university route.”

Brooks takes his own advice as he creates multiple income streams and teaches others to do the same. A recent N.Y. Times article about Brooks Conkle told the story of him selling his home in a robust real estate market so that he could create ultimate flexibility in his living situation.

Brooks wants to see others take control of their financial futures and learn to make money with a side hustle to have life flexibility. Financial freedom creates choice. Choice creates flexibility. His goal is to see individuals be flexible in their choices – for where they live, how they educate, and how they make a living.  

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Kea Marketing LLC was founded in 2013 after Brooks lived in New Zealand for a year (a kea is a type of alpine parrot found in New Zealand). The purpose of Kea Marketing LLC is to help others carve their own paths to financial freedom by teaching entrepreneurship, marketing, and personal finance.

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