Scottsdale, AZ, April 26, 2024— The Country Club at DC Ranch is delighted to celebrate a significant milestone: the 25th anniversary of its Junior Summer Camp programs. 

Since its inception, the camps have grown to become a cornerstone of the Scottsdale community, providing exceptional summer experiences to young members and guests. This year, the excitement begins on May 28th and runs through June 28th, packed with a variety of engaging and educational activities.

The Country Club at DC Ranch has long been recognized as North Scottsdale’s premier private golf and country club, and its commitment to fostering a friendly, family-oriented environment extends into every junior camp program it offers. Over the years, these camps have evolved to cater to differing interests and age groups, ensuring a personalized and memorable summer experience for every child.

Camp Offerings Focused on Sports, Fun, and Development

The camps are segmented to enhance the unique talents and interests of each child:

  1. Junior Golf Camp: Aimed at budding golfers, this camp offers expert guidance in honing golf skills with a balance of technical instruction and fun, interactive play.
  2. Junior Tennis Camp: This program focuses on developing athletic skills through tennis, fostering both camaraderie and competitive spirit among its participants.
  3. Fun Junior Camp: For those looking for a versatile and entertaining summer option, this camp includes a wide range of activities, from culinary arts to sports, ensuring a well-rounded and adventurous experience.

A Day at the Camp

Every camp day promises an exciting mix of activities. Mornings begin with tennis and golf sessions to beat the heat, followed by a diverse array of activities such as baking, fitness or aqua classes, and arts and crafts. The Club’s style lunch buffet provides nutritious meals to rejuvenate the campers for an afternoon of swimming and more games. To ensure the children stay hydrated and energized, snacks and water breaks are interspersed throughout the day.

Open to All

The private country club in Scottsdale warmly invites both members and guests to partake in these enriching summer camps; members are encouraged to bring friends, giving everyone the chance to create lasting memories and partake in the summer fun.

Legacy and Community Building

“As we celebrate this 25-year milestone, we reflect on the growth and success of our Junior Summer Camp programs, which have contributed significantly to building a strong sense of community,” said the Youth Program Manager Director of Activities at The Country Club at DC Ranch. “We pride ourselves on creating a nurturing environment where children can enjoy themselves and explore their potential, making each summer unforgettable.”

By continuously adapting and refining these camps to meet the evolving interests and needs of children, The Country Club at DC Ranch remains dedicated to providing top-tier summer program options that stand out among Scottsdale summer camps. This dedication not only enhances the summer experience for its young campers but also strengthens the fabric of the local community.

Join Them This Summer

Don’t miss the opportunity to give your child a summer filled with growth, learning, and fun in a luxurious and supportive environment. For enrollment details or more information on their Junior Summer Camp programs, visit The Country Club at DC Ranch. This summer, be part of their legacy. Join them at The Country Club at DC Ranch, where fun family memories await! 

About The Country Club at DC Ranch:

The Country Club at DC Ranch, located in the heart of North Scottsdale, is the leading private golf and country club boasting unparalleled amenities and services. With its picturesque views and meticulously maintained grounds, the club offers an oasis of relaxation and recreation to its members and guests. Focused on providing an exclusive and inviting atmosphere, it remains committed to excellence in all aspects of its service.

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