LASIT Laser Marking and Engraving offers a WEBtv live stream to connect sales representatives and customers from afar. 


CAMPANIA, Italy, 22 June 2020– LASIT Laser Marking and Engraving, an Italy-based laser systems company, launched WEBtv technology that will allow customers to visit the company in real-time from the comfort of their desk. The technology allows customers to shop from afar without missing out on seeing the LASIT laser markers in action.

The live stream connects customers with a LASIT sales representative that allows them to talk face to face despite the distance. A remote camera operator follows the representative around the warehouse to show customers how the laser technology works. 

Customers can check it out by visiting the LASIT website where they can submit the application area and date that they would like to conduct the live stream. 

With 30 years of success, LASIT has distributed 7,129 machines, created a network of 4,890 customers worldwide, and seen a 289% growth since 2015. The company has seen a 97% customer return overtime. 

In 2011, LASIT opened new headquarters in Milan and become an international company by launching LASIT USA in Hartford, Connecticut, which services the United States and Canada.

LASIT developed traceability and aesthetic laser marking solutions for metal applications which can be used on precision tools, die-casting, tiny watchmaking components, and more. 

Laser marking has become increasingly popular among the automotive, valves, electronics, jewelry, and medical technology industries. LASIT’s laser making on metals guarantees quick, accurate, and permanent results to ensure brand visibility and product traceability. 

The company’s website offers a “Build Your Own” option on its homepage that lets customers customize their laser in a seven-question quiz-like format. Customers can choose from questions such as the material they need to mark, the number of articles needed to produce per day, and if they prefer to sit or stand while they work.  

The LASIT laser can mark logos, barcodes, complex graphics, among other etchings, that cannot be damaged in any way to ensure traceability of customer products. 

There are three main markings that can be done by the laser: Deep laser marking, made through a deep penetration process that is similar to mechanical engraving; laser engraving metal, when a laser beam penetrates the surfaces to remove part of an area; and annealing, when the marking oxidizes a ferrous metal or titanium and heats it locally. 

To learn more about the different laser and engraving processes, click here.

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About LASIT Laser Marking and Engraving: LASIT Laser Marking and Engraving is a company of one hundred people who develop laser marking technologies with passion and dedication. We are based in Italy with a LASIT USA in Hartford, Connecticut. We serve 4,890 customers worldwide. We are big enough to make the difference, but also small enough to take care of every single customer. Our Study and Design team ensures traceability, production chain control, brand visibility, and industrial process automation. 

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