House of Freedom, an addiction rehab center in Orlando, FL, has launched a modern drug treatment mechanism for efficient rehabilitation of addiction patients. The mechanism combines DNA testing with a comprehensive sleep study to enhance patients’ long-term recovery and improve their quality of life. For more information about House of Freedom, click here.


Kissimmee, FL, September 21, 2021 – House of Freedom has announced the launch of a modern drug treatment mechanism for the efficient rehabilitation of patients undergoing addiction treatment. The new drug treatment mechanism combines testing the patients’ genetic and biological predispositions and a comprehensive sleep study to decide the best intervention.

Experts at the Rehab Center project that modern drug treatment will help deal with the addiction’s root course. That will give patients a better quality of life since the treatment methods are well researched. That will be critical in treating the addiction problem since they assess first the root of the problem.

Addiction treatment at the Florida drug rehab begins by evaluating elements in the patient’s DNA that can lead to the patient’s inclination towards their specific addiction and the expected reaction to drug treatment. “The DNA testing that we perform analyzes ten genes that have been individually selected for actionable clinical applicability to treat neuropsychiatric conditions. This type of DNA testing is unique for its dual approach; it includes pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics genes,” an official at the House of freedom has said.

Clinical Pharmacokinetic evaluates a drug’s absorption, distribution, and excretion, while Pharmacodynamics helps predict how specific drugs affect the patients’ bodies. Combining the two concepts helps addiction experts at the center devise the best course of treatment. The evaluation also helps to reduce cases of relapse, discomfort during treatment, and withdrawal symptoms.

In addition to DNA testing, the modern drug treatment mechanism incorporates efficient sleep in the treatment plan. Experts at the House of Freedom associate insufficient sleep with increased chances of hypertension, diabetes, depression, among other related diseases in addiction patients. Therefore, addiction specialists at the addiction treatment center carry extensive inquiries into patients’ sleep patterns to enhance their treatment reception.

“House of Freedom’s sleep tests are performed with a small device that easily attaches to the individual’s chest and waist. That makes it a seamless experience for the individual and allows for accurate data to be captured,” the official further said. The center also relies on sleep studies to decide the causes of a patient’s sleep disorders and how they affect their recovery.

About House of Freedom

Founded more than 30 years ago, House of Freedom is an addiction treatment center in Orlando, Florida. The center has a multi-disciplinary team that includes psychiatrists, primary physicians, counselors, and other certified mental health professionals. The center offers residential and outpatient addiction treatment, as well as mental health treatment consultation services. The center has accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

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