Home Arise celebrated its second anniversary, along with its busiest month with over 100,000 page views, in 2020. They’ve seen an increase in revenue and email subscribers because of this activity. Learn more at homearise.com.


Houston, TX, January 8, 2021- Home Arise, a website created by home improvement experts as a way to impart their wisdom on DIYers looking to make alterations to their home, celebrated their second anniversary in October 2020.

“We began this website a few years ago, seeking to share our years of knowledge with you,” says a spokesperson for Home Arise. “We’ve done professional jobs as handymen, but have also repaired our own homes ourselves. We kept seeing people experiencing the same issues with simple fixes. So we wondered: is there a better way to help people with their homes, and give them more home improvement knowledge?”

With this experience as professional handymen, they have used so many tools over the years. This means that while they advise you on how to make improvements to your home, they can also recommend the tools that you should use to get the job done. 

“At Home Arise, we’re reader-supported,” says a spokesperson for Home Arise. “This means that we earn a small commission if you buy anything through our affiliate links. This won’t cost you anything extra but we appreciate your support in helping us keep this website active.”

The website has been busier than ever with more than 100,000 pageviews and their record for revenue in December. They now have over 10,000 email subscribers.

“Our whole goal is to make your life easier as you buy what you need quickly and get started with your projects,” says a spokesperson for Home Arise. “We are going to teach you everything we know about home improvement from our own experience as handymen. We can help you with finding the right method to repair a wall, or with finding the right product to use on your home.”

These experts, researchers, and testers are doing everything that they can to provide their readers with the best reviews depending on budget and purpose. They purchase different types of products to test, then they give their honest reviews based on their results. Follow their FB page for routine updates.

Learn more about Home Arise and its purpose at homearise.com.

About Home Arise: We’re a group of home improvement experts, researchers, and testers who work our hardest to impart our knowledge to you. Our teams have all types of people working on them so that we can get you the best information possible. We know that a lot of effort goes into home improvement, both inside and outside the home. There’s a lot you need to do to keep your home running smoothly, from fixing doors and windows to keeping the outside of your home clean and tidy. We’ll teach you things like how to clean the outside of your house quickly and efficiently, saving you time and improving the value of your home, not to mention your curb appeal.

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