Herbal Magic offers supportive, comprehensive weight loss programs to help people lose weight and keep it off.  


Mississauga, ON, December 7, 2022 Herbal Magic, the supportive and comprehensive weight loss program that has been helping Canadians lose weight for 25 years, is happy to announce its recently launched new website. 

Design with an improved user interface and to make it more user friendly, visitors can learn more about their personalized health coaching and selected natural health products to optimize your nutrition and support your weight loss journey. 

“At Herbal Magic, we are committed to helping Canadians achieve their weight loss goals,” said Troy Nahmiache, President and CEO of Herbal Magic. “Our new website will help our customers connect with our personalized health coaches and access resources to help them succeed.” 

Herbal Magic offers a wide range of natural health products, including meal replacements, protein shakes, bars, and vitamins and minerals. Their customized approach to weight loss provides customers with the tools they need to succeed, such as a comprehensive meal plan and support from experienced health coaches.  

“We are proud of the success we have seen from customers who have used our personalized health coaching program,” continued Nahmiache. “It really is remarkable to see them reach their goals and lead healthier lifestyles.” 

With any of their weight loss programs, you can expect to lose an average of one to two pounds per week. That can vary depending on your age, history, body composition, fitness level, and overall motivation. Their coaches consider all these factors when customizing programs for their clients. 

Their supportive and comprehensive programs are offered through three different plans depending on clients’ preferred timelines, weight loss goals, and lifestyles. The plans include the following:   

  1. A 3-Month Plan: Designed to help clients lose up to 25 lbs. 
  2. A 6-Month Plan: Designed to help clients lose up to 50 lbs.  
  3. A 1-Year Plan: Designed to help clients lose up to 100 lbs. 

Each program includes one-on-one personal health coaching, natural health products, meal plans, and allotments. Once you’ve chosen a program, you and your coach will map out your weight loss journey with a customizable meal plan. Everything you need for your weight loss journey will be reviewed, and your weight loss supplements will be delivered right to your door. 

For more information on their top-quality services, visit https://www.herbalmagic.ca/ and learn more about their weight loss plans and supplements

About Herbal Health Magic: 

Herbal Magic is a supportive and comprehensive weight loss program that has been helping Canadians lose weight and keep it off for 25 years. We combine personalized health coaching with selected natural health products to optimize nutrition and support weight loss journeys. Our meal programs allow clients to eat the foods they love through conscious and easy-to-follow plans. 

With Herbal Magic, clients will get both the results and the skills they need to ensure lifelong success in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Backed by an experienced team of healthcare professionals, we will help clients become a healthier and happier version of themselves!  

Call us at 1-800-852-5401 or email us at [email protected] for a free consultation. 

Contact Info: 

Organization: herbalmagic.ca 
Address: 2180 Matheson Blvd East Unit 1, Mississauga, ON L4W 5E1 
Phone: 1-800-852-5401 
Website: https://www.herbalmagic.ca/