Austin, TX, February 5, 2022— For years, Austin, TX has been turning heads for its employment opportunities and business-starting potential. However, this boom has created an affordable housing crisis that has negatively impacted long-time residents in this part of the Lone Star State.

To Fortunate Foundations, the solution lies in community development through innovative sustainable housing.

Sustainable housing — with a special leaning towards community — is the necessary step forward in enriching communities in Austin. Fortunate Foundations, through its partnership with the Montopolis CDC, has recently set on a project to inaugurate the first International Passive House Certified home in Austin.

The project aims to provide more sustainable and eco-friendly housing options that take advantage of Austin’s lighting and weather. According to Fortunate Foundations, the development will be the result of community partnership and innovation.

What Is A Passive House?

Passive House is a standard of building houses where the concepts of eco-friendliness and energy-efficiency come front and center. To build a house under the International Passive House Standard, an Austin, TX homebuilder needs to capitalize on the environmental traits of an area. For example, a Passive House-grade house will feature windows at an angle that maximizes sunlight entry into the living room and all framing must be airtight.

To help put the savings into perspective, the first Passive House in Texas runs on just $2/day in energy costs for the 3,230 sq. ft. home versus the average of $7.75.

Commitment to Community Partnership

Fortunate Foundations chooses to innovate in more ways than one. Fortunate Foundations opted for a different approach by involving the community in the project, offering value through the housing development project in Austin.

With community as one of its guiding principles, Fortunate Foundations partnered with Austin’s community leaders before setting on the path to development.

“Instead of buying up land in low-income, minority areas and bulldozing, we reached out to community leaders for their blessing and created a community-focused partnership that empowers both parties.”

With the full support of community leaders and the blessing of Montopolis Community Development Center, Fortunate Foundations is set to break ground on the development in December 2021 with completion slated for Summer.

Empowering a New Generation of Builders

In addition to introducing the International Passive House standard to Austin, Fortunate Foundations has sponsored the home to be used as the training grounds for a week-long Passive House Bootcamp that concludes January 28th, 2022.

As part of the partnership between Emu, the Montopolis CDC, and Fortunate Foundations attendees will have the option of completing the exam to become a PHI Certified Passive House Tradesperson (CPHT). Once certified, they can apply for apprenticeship opportunities with the Fortunate Foundations project.

About: Fortunate Foundations is an Austin, TX green homebuilder known for their functional floor plans, tasteful finishes, and innovative green home building techniques. Fortunate Homes strives to create a WIN-WIN-WIN by creating passive income for investors, a wonderful home for the owners, and reducing the impact on the earth.

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