ALLENTOWN, PA, September 30, 2020 — Englebert Financial Advisers (EFA) — an American financial planning company with clients across the United States — today announced it will launch EFA Advisor UTRNX as separately managed accounts (SMAs). The initial offering will debut with and equity SMA model designed to help financial advisors better serve their clients’ unique and complex financial goals.

“Investors are increasingly looking for investment strategies that are tailored to their specific needs and personal preferences, and for many, SMAs can be an appropriate solution,” said Chris Englebert, Founding Partner & Chief Investment Officer. “Advisors can use SMAs to create personalized investment strategies for their clients that can complement existing holdings or apply tax-efficient techniques. We’re focused on providing choice and flexibility for advisors, and this new offering leverages Englebert Financial Advisor’s years of portfolio management experience and diverse investment capabilities.”

The EFA Advisor UTRNX managed as SMAs will complement the wide range of products across asset classes and investment vehicles that Englebert Financial Advisers currently offers, building on their years of investment management experience and comprehensive research capabilities.

“UTRN provides investors with the opportunity to capitalize on the tendency for stocks which have experienced sharp, short-term declines to quickly bounce back, ” said Englebert, “UTRN attempts to improve on this market should be an anomaly by applying a proprietary methodology – the Chow Ratio – to identify stocks that have the greatest potential for a weekly rebound.”

Englebert Financial Advisers has an exclusive license with Vesper Global, the provider of the Chow Ratio. EFA will manage a portfolio of individual stocks that follow the Chow Ratio methodology.

Vesper Global exclusively provides EFA the names for the portfolio on a weekly basis. Englebert Financial Advisers offers this investment strategy in two flavors, straight 25 stock portfolio or a hedged version adding 20% weighting of DWSH, an inverse ETF, to help mitigate downside risk. The minimum account size to run both the pure or hedged strategy is $100,000.

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