Ditch the Worthiness Hustle: Getting Real About Driven Woman Syndrome and Leading From Your Edge by Charlie McClain is available this weekend.


Las Vegas, NV, September 15, 2023— In the world of personal development, Charlie McClain’s powerful talks and workshops focus on leadership and the intricacies of Driven Woman Syndrome.

Through her weekly show, Lead From Your Edge, Charlie supports and challenges executives and leaders as they strive toward new frontiers, professionally and personally.

As a driven woman who went from being an educator and business owner, living a millionaire lifestyle-to arriving homeless in a shelter for battered women-then courageously rebuilding her life as a professional and entrepreneur, Charlie isn’t quite like any other private coach you’ve encountered.

Through a wide array of techniques and practices, she calls the Soul Quotientâ„¢, Charlie helps the women she works with become unshakable in the face of the complexities of modern-day living and leading.

With two decades of experience and a Master’s in Education, she began a series of research projects on the subconscious, beliefs, and meditation.

As Charlie pursued her second Master’s degree in Psychology, she focused her research on Driven Woman Syndrome. This work, her inspirational experiences, and her use of digestible analogies are the bedrock of Charlie’s programs, talks, and workshops.

Charlie is an International speaker, bestselling contributing author, Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine, and Crea Global Award recipient, featured in USA Today, Fox, NBC, and more.

“These habits that driven women know so well and help us succeed are also the very habits that are holding us back from reaching our next level. The problem is, we want more-so we can realize the lifestyle we’re working so damn hard for and find that sense of peace we desperately need to feel whole,” said Charlie.

The world of a business leader can be a stressful one. Being a leader is not easy. Many find themselves overstressed, which can lead to professional burnout. Add the goal of having it all, and you have to do it all, which leads to Driven Woman Syndrome.

Stress is a factor that can prevent you from reaching your full potential and succeeding. Charlie can help you navigate the path of resilience to become unshakable.

Reading Ditch the Worthiness Hustle will ignite powerful change in these most critical areas of your life. You will never be the same once you finally see Driven Woman Syndrome for what it is and realize your ability to befriend your subconscious.

It’s time for you to ditch the worthiness hustle. Whether you secretly feel like an imposter, experience debilitating anxiety when looking at your to-do list, or generally feel exhausted from pleasing, performing, and perfecting your way to success, this revolutionary book provides answers in the form of relatable stories, actionable techniques, and habits you can incorporate today.

You can find Charlie’s book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and wherever books are sold!

In Ditch the Worthiness Hustle, Charlie McClain demystifies our subconscious and clears the path for beginning to lead from your edge. For more information, you can visit Leadfromyouredge.co.

About Charlie McClain:

Charlie McClain is a respected thought leader and private executive coach. She hosts Learn From Your Edge and is the author of Ditch the Worthiness Hustle. Charlie is passionate about helping leaders build inner foundations of resilience for balance, happiness, and success.

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Charlie McClain

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