ZenArt Supplies is a manufacturer of art supplies based in the United Kingdom. Their oil paints can help you make a creative Halloween costume.


London, UK, 20 October 2021– Halloween is right around the corner, and that means it is time to start planning your costume! A Halloween costume is the ideal way to express your creativity!

ZenArt Supplies, a London-based fine art supply manufacturer, is here to help you take your Halloween costume to the next level. ZenArt Supplies has everything you need to turn that generic costume into a one of a kind costume that will win you any Halloween contest!

ZenArt Supplies has you covered with oil paints of the highest quality, that are guaranteed to separate your costume from the pack! But what good are paints without the tools necessary to use them? ZenArt also sells oil paint brushes so you can use those colors to their full extent!

ZenArt has many different products for all of your artistic needs. They have 6, 12, and 14 piece brush sets, giving you the opportunity to use any brush size imaginable. 

ZenArt Supplies also has three different color pallets for their oil paints. You can choose from the essentials, the impressionist-based pallet, or the portrait-based pallet. There is also a set of whites available.

“Being a team made up of artists, we know exactly what products the artists need,” said Salvatore, the team’s retail Jedi.

The team’s products go far beyond oil paints. They also have products for acrylic and watercolor painting. 

For those who prefer sketching to painting, ZenArt Supplies has something for you too!  The team has sketchbooks varying in size and paper color to cater to your preferences. Sketch artists can also utilize a beautiful twelve-piece fine brush kit for their sketching.

Do you prefer writing to painting? Don’t worry, ZenArt also sells a variety of journals! Available in a variety of colors, these journals are perfect for you to record your thoughts as they come to you.

This expert team has all the bases covered when it comes to art supplies.

“We’re passionate about finding new solutions and motivate our growing team to go the extra mile for you – our valuable customers,” said Roberto, co-founder of ZenArt Supplies.

For more information, you can visit their website at https://shop.zenartsupplies.co. You can check out all their quality products, and even read up on the art world with their ‘community tab’.

With ZenArt Supplies, the sky’s the limit!

About ZenArt Supplies: ZenArt Supplies is a London-based manufacturer of fine art supplies created by an artist who believes that art brings people together. The company is founded by Ardak Kassenova and her husband Roberto Auriemma who have gathered a caring group of artists to reshape the creative industry by building an art brand that will inspire anyone to become a better artist. ZenArt Supplies crafts art products which are made ethically and are non-toxic.

Contact Information:

Roberto Auriemma
ZenArt Supplies
43 Berkeley Square London, W1J 5FJ United Kingdom
+44 03300271050