Zelus Recovery, an adolescent treatment center in the Boise area, is committed to providing its patients with tools and resources to facilitate their recovery. They use ViviHealth to connect their patients with trained professionals. Zelus Recovery is committed to giving its patients personalized rehabilitation experiences. For more information, visit zelusrecovery.com. 


Meridian, ID, March 26, 2021 ‒ Zelus Recovery, an adolescent treatment center, provides supportive technology using ViviHealth. This allows individuals to stay motivated and engaged with unique insights, helpful self-care tools, and ongoing support.

Zelus Recovery understands that a substance abuse disorder is a chronic disease. Those who have a substance abuse disorder need professional treatment in a caring environment. Zelus Recovery offers an addiction treatment program, one of the few in Idaho that has licensed clinicians. They keep their enrollment numbers low so they can offer a personalized rehabilitation experience. Their team understands that their patients can overcome the stress and pain of their addiction with the proper treatment program. 

Specialized drug rehab for teens is important because young adults and teens need different treatments than adults. Teens often suffer from additional issues outside of drug use. They also need help with their family life, education, mental health conditions, and more. Family support and encouragement are vital during this time, as well as open communication about teen drug abuse. In order for those with addictions to heal, they need education, support, and therapies to help them understand why they turned to alcohol or drugs and how to prevent relapsing. The home environment plays an important role to help prevent relapse after treatment. The entire family needs recovery during the treatment process and families need to participate in a substance abuse program. 

There are tools available today that enable patients to get the support and help they need virtually. Our telehealth addiction program is an easy, streamlined way for people to get on the road to recovery. Zelus Recovery recommends having the first appointment with our staff in person, but it may not always be necessary. A telehealth program may be better than in-person treatment if you are able to easily get online, enjoy learning over video conference, your home environment is safe, you don’t need to detox, and your substance abuse and mental health needs are treatable from a distance. Zelus Recovery is committed to providing patients and loved ones with the resources and tools they need to support their healing and long-term health. Coming into a facility isn’t always necessary for care. 

Located in Meridian, Idaho, Zelus Recovery offers life-changing outpatient addiction treatment for adolescents and young adults. Unlike larger rehab facilities, we purposefully maintain lower enrollment numbers so that we can really take the time to offer a personalized rehabilitation experience. Using proven therapeutic approaches that promote family involvement, we help young individuals who are struggling with addiction turn their lives around. Zelus Recovery also offers a telehealth addiction program to further reach their patients and accommodate their needs. 

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