Rally down the road to the finish line in Madalin Stunt Cars 2 from Madalin Games. It’s a high-speed thrill ride for stunt car driving. Brought to you by Yup7.com. The hottest portal for free games online. Select your favorite Lamborghini then color customize. Perform wild and crazy stunts against opponents or AI. Along with Madalin Stunt Cars 2, Rooftop Snipers 3. A two-person shootout that challenges those duck dodge abilities. Square off and after a hit, throw the menace off the roof for a five-point win. The hottest io Krunker has made its way to Yup7 Studios. The FPS comes locked and loaded with an in-game chat and access to some of Twitch’s wildest players. All live streams.

December 29, 2019 – Madalin Stunt Cars 2, a car stunts browser game, races to the finish line on Yup7 Studios. A free online platform with hundreds of desktop games. Developed in Romania by Madalin Games, there are over 40 luxury cars in the series. Fully color customizable. Ready for a full-throttle free-roam. Connect with fellow speed racers or challenge a new rival. The multiplayer game rooms are a 3D frenzy of fuel and metal. Turn by turn unleash luxury branded horsepower. Players select their top three open-air environments. Designed for some of the craziest car stunts your arrow keys can make. It’s as legendary as using the shift key to access the nitro. Madalin Stunt Cars 2 is unblocked on Yup7, for instant access.

Blast your opponents or an AI character on Yup7 Studio’s Rooftop Snipers. It’s a pixelated two-player sharpshooter game. Use the “W” or “E” keys to target and assassinate assailants. Battle Batman. Dodge bullets from John Wayne. Then push the avatar off the roof. Five strikes make a win. Yup7 has over 50 Shooting games to target mental madness. All unblocked. All easy to learn.

The most popular free io Multiplayer First Person Shooter game is pixelating on Yup7, Krunker io. With two different modes to choose from – every man for himself or link up as a team. Players can personalize their avatars and arsenal. With options to join ranked games and compete against shooters all around the world. Chat with other Krunkies and join a clan. The leader board shows the kills and wins to help players outwit their opponents. Bonus, Krunker io features Twitch Interactive gamers.

       gamer_boi14: “nice banni jump!”
       jgvcau: “Hes an insane pubstomper he has #1 nuikes.”

Yup7 users can live stream and chat with Twitches hottest strikers online. To play these or Yup7 lastest free games visit: https://www.yup7.com/

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Founded in 2017, Yup7.com is an online game portal. The platform is user-friendly and has hundreds of free games. Suitable for all age ranges, including children. Play independently or as a team. They offer action, adventure, sports, shooting games and more. Skill sets for each game range from beginner to advanced. Yup7 Studios adds new unblocked games to their portal every day. They are also available in the Chrome Web Store.

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