Guide to finding best small event venues

A true event planner will know that parties and events come in all shapes and sizes. Sure, there’s the big blow-out wedding or company extravaganza, but there’s a wealth of smaller, more intimate events that deserve their own focus too.

Events of a different size require different planning from the ground up. You need to come at them from an angle befitting their size and goals. That likely means finding event venues that feel appropriate for the guest list and the occasion.

Where can you find the perfect small event venue? It can be hard to find something that’s smaller in stature but still works. Read on and we’ll walk you through what you should know about the process.

Don’t Be Afraid To Think Outside the Box

When it comes to throwing a small event, creative thinking can be your biggest asset. Maybe you’re trying to host a comedy show, a fundraiser, or a small theater performance, but all the event spaces you look into are either bigger or more expensive than you need.

Why not look into non-traditional venues? There are likely many businesses in your area that close at night and may be open to making some extra money by hosting your event. Coffee shops, art galleries, and all types of other businesses have been known to be friendly to event-hosting opportunities.

These venues are much more likely to offer you a reasonable price or be willing to negotiate. You can even go further out of the box too, if there’s something you find that might work.

Is that laundromat on your corner the perfect size and kind of beautiful? Maybe you can create something cool and underground by staging your event there.

Be Clear On Capacity

Small events mean small spaces, but that also prevents certain size issues. A small party venue might be only able to comfortably hold so many people, and you should get that number from the property owner prior to your event.

You never know if more people are going to arrive than you initially anticipated. The last thing you want is for them to have no room to move around the venue. Moreso, breaking past the capacity point of a small venue will likely break fire and safety laws.

You could get yourself into hot water with the venue manager if you don’t plan for this expectation properly.

Make Sure You Have The Needed Amenities

At a larger event space, you can rest assured you’ll have access to all the amenities you and your guests will need. But a smaller space may skimp out on a few of these resources.

Make sure you know what you need for your event. A kitchen? Multiple bathrooms? AV capabilities? Tables and chairs? Whatever your needs may be, you certainly don’t want to be discovering that space doesn’t have it on the morning of your event.

Make sure to double and triple-check these things beforehand, and never assume a space has them without asking.

Finding The Best Small Event Venues

The key to finding the best small event venues is getting creative. The above information and advice can help.

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