With VC funding set to reach an all-time high in 2022, aspiring entrepreneurs and CEOs alike can raise millions by using You Exec’s Ultimate Pitch Deck.


San Francisco, CA, December 7, 2021— You Exec has analyzed hundreds of pitch decks and identified the top funding strategies of leading Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. Now you can easily use their winning pitch deck strategies with the newest edition of You Exec’s Ultimate Pitch Deck.

The first pitch deck You Exec launched on LinkedIn generated over 1.6 million views and quickly garnered the company a following of over 300,000 users. Now, You Exec has launched the Ultimate Pitch Deck. The 53-slide presentation is fully animated, customizable, and elegantly designed. The presentation is available in Microsoft Powerpoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides.

The time is now for companies to make their pitch. Venture capital funding in the United States this year is set to reach an all time high of $128 billion. According to Crunchbase, global funding has already reached $454 billion, with $49 billion invested in Q3 early-stage fundraises.

Pitch decks showcase your product, outline monetization strategies, and introduce your organizational capabilities to investors. The value creation component of a successful pitch isn’t just about a company’s intrinsic value but the value it can deliver to a broader community. Ashley Grant, Head of Presentations and Design at You Exec, said, “While pitch decks should always be adequately informative, what sets a great deck apart from any other typical business presentation is its ability to tell a story and elicit emotion from the audience. One key component to achieving that goal is through compelling visuals that are memorable without being overwhelming.”

To design this deck, You Exec spent the last three years perfecting and fine-tuning the amount of information on each slide. They’ve drawn on years of research into the successful pitch decks of hundreds of Silicon Valley startups such as Facebook, AirBnb, YouTube, and Coinbase. The Ultimate Pitch Deck provides everything companies need to excite potential investors and turn an initial conversation into something transformational.

You Exec’s research identified that Silicon Valley investors typically invest $1 million per team member, so long as that team member has a history of success. When Robinhood started, Andressen Horowitz invested $3m in seed because the venture had one million users pre-registered and two technical co-founders. For this reason, You Exec’s Ultimate Pitch Deck includes slides devoted to introducing team members and their successes.

Investors also want a business model that can generate billions in value. That is why the downloadable pitch deck has slides to present your business’s Total Addressable Market (TAM). The pitch deck also allows companies with physical products to list potential distribution channels where their products will be sold, whether it’s a name-brand store, third-party retailer, or e-commerce website.

The pitch deck can be supplemented with existing You Exec templates such as the pro-forma spreadsheet model, KPI dashboard, video backgrounds, and product mockups. The You Exec pro-forma spreadsheet has been specifically designed for startups to show investors they can deliver billions in value within a ten-year period. Investors typically have VC funds that last ten years, so it is critical to show how value can be generated in that time frame.

Whether pitched via an in-person presentation or digital file-sharing, pitch decks are an indispensable tool to raise funds and get the right support behind your ambition. You Exec’s Ultimate Pitch Deck can tell your story in the best possible way and get you closer to the funding you need.

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