YodiYil, an affordable and innovative GPS based real-time vehicle and fleet tracking solution which was founded in India in 2011, is all set to launch in the second quarter of 2020 in the US after expanding to Canada in 2018.

Ontario, Canada, 1 April 2020 – Vehicle tracking offers lots of benefits. Access to real-time data about your vehicles enables you to make informed decisions and enhances productivity. Act on a wide range of information. For example, it makes it possible to effectively identify potential areas of improvement within your fleet’s operation such as planning the best route for deliveries from point A to B, tracking whether the vehicle is idle for a long time, scheduling the next trip for the vehicle based on their current location and predicted time the vehicle will return back thereby driving down overheads and minimizing the environmental impact of the entire fleet. Another obvious concern for every Vehicle owner is theft. GPS tracking solution deters theft and provides key information to track the stolen vehicles.
Vehicle tracking solutions based on GPS tracking functionality are an integral part of every business that seeks to keep an eye on its moving assets and in taking important business decisions.

YodiYil, founded in Mumbai, India in 2011, works to solve business problems using the latest digital trends in mobile and web technologies. The company has subsequently become a leading provider of fleet management solutions for customers around the world. The company expanded to Canada in 2018, and will launch in the US in the second quarter of 2020.

With YodiYil’s vehicle tracking, you receive real-time location, direction, and various sensor data for all the vehicles in your fleet right on your mobile device or desktop web browser, so you are always connected to your vehicles. You can see where your car is in real-time on a map, whether it’s parked or moving, and see a detailed trip history. And there are many customizable notification options for various situations, including anti-theft notifications and geo-fence capability, that will let you know if your vehicle is driven outside of a specified area.

YodiYil’s skilled team has successfully launched more than two hundred innovative GPS solutions for all types of businesses, from truck tracking for retail and security services to vehicle tracking for police departments and the financial sector. YodiYil’s key advantage is the ability to scale up while still remaining affordable.

YodiYil has provided efficient, cost-effective solutions for small start-ups and also innovated to solve complex problems for large corporations. Their popular and award-winning Internet of Things (IoT) solutions are based around GPS technology that processes over one billion transactions every day with over one hundred thousand users around the world. Their success is reflected in their network of over one hundred global partners.

About the Company: YodiYil is one of the leading providers of GPS Tracking & connected vehicles solutions. Our Software is an advanced GPS Tracking Solutions for light vehicles, heavy-duty transport, and trailers in use by businesses around the world. Our skilled team of professionals has successfully launched more than 200 customized and innovative GPS based solutions for a wide range of verticals from retail, security, and police departments to the financial sector. Our key difference is the ability to scale while remaining affordable. We have provided quality solutions to small start-ups and solved complex problems innovatively for large enterprises. Our award-winning and popular Connected vehicle solution based on GPS Technology that processes over 1 billion transactions per day with over a hundred thousand subscribers across the globe and our gigantic network of 100+ partners reflects our success story.

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