Yjembroidery proudly introduces its innovative approach to modern embroidery artistry, characterized by a fusion of unique stitching techniques and an explosive palette of vibrant colors. With a rich foundation in tradition and a commitment to artistic innovation, Yjembroidery is set to redefine the landscape of contemporary embroidery.


Kitchener, Canada, September 11, 2023— Yjembroidery, a rising star in the world of textile artistry, is making waves with its unique approach to modern embroidery. With a passion deeply rooted in tradition and a vision that embraces innovation, Yjembroidery is redefining the boundaries of this timeless craft. Combining age-old stitching techniques with a vibrant color palette, Yjembroidery is a beacon of creativity, poised for an exciting journey ahead.

Founded by Yanjun Liang, Yjembroidery’s story is one of heritage, inspiration, and boundless creativity. Drawing from the rich tapestry of their upbringing, where grandmothers and neighbors imparted the secrets of embroidery, Yjembroidery’s work is a seamless fusion of tradition and contemporary artistry.

“At Yjembroidery, we believe in preserving the essence of ancient Su Embroidery while infusing it with a modern twist,” says Yanjun Liang, CEO and founder of Yjembroidery. “Our designs pay homage to the delicate and lifelike qualities of Su Embroidery, but we also draw inspiration from revered artists like Daozhong Wang, Vincent van Gogh, and Egon Schiele, integrating their painting techniques into our embroidery.”

Yjembroidery’s collections are a testament to their commitment to pushing the boundaries of this age-old craft. Each piece on canvas, from the intricate lines to the mesmerizing swirls, reflects the culmination of years of dedication and passion. The yanjun & yanqin collections are standout examples of Yjembroidery’s commitment to innovation, offering art enthusiasts a fresh perspective on the world of embroidery. They invite you to explore the art gallery on their website, where you can immerse yourself in the exquisite world of Yjembroidery’s masterpieces.

Using vibrant colors sets Yjembroidery apart from traditional embroiderers. Their creations are a visual feast, with hues that dance and play, breathing life into the fabric. The modern approach to color selection adds a dynamic dimension to each piece, making Yjembroidery’s work a vivid and captivating experience.

Yjembroidery’s emergence onto the textile art scene is drawing attention from art enthusiasts, collectors, and critics alike. The company’s commitment to preserving tradition while embracing contemporary influences is both refreshing and inspiring. As a result, Yjembroidery is rapidly becoming a name to watch in the world of modern embroidery. At Yjembroidery, each stitch is a brushstroke of creativity, weaving together a tapestry of modern embroidery artistry.

The journey of Yjembroidery is still in its infancy, but the potential is boundless. With an unwavering dedication to their craft, a unique vision, and a commitment to innovation, Yjembroidery is set to become a household name in the art world.

About Yjembroidery:

Yjembroidery is an emerging textile artist specializing in modern embroidery art. Founded by Yanjun Liang, Yjembroidery combines the delicate intricacies of ancient Su Embroidery with innovative painting techniques inspired by renowned artists like Daozhong Wang, Vincent van Gogh, and Egon Schiele. Their collections, including pieces on canvas, lines, swirls, yanjun & yanqin, reflect a perfect harmony of tradition and modernity, with a vibrant color palette that sets them apart in the world of embroidery.

Contact Information:

Organization: Yjembroidery

Contact Person: Yanjun Liang

Contact Address: Brierdale Dr Kitchener, Canada

Phone number: 5192796667

Website: https://Yjembroidery.com/