Ceres Chill Founder and CEO, Lisa Myers, announces she’ll begin her company’s celebration of World Breastfeeding Week 2020 by offering Ceres Chill’s innovative Breastmilk Chillers on Amazon.com for the first time.


SEATTLE, WA, July 24, 2020 — Ceres Chill has been shaking up the fast-growing breastfeeding industry since it began delivering its game-changing breastmilk chillers in January 2020. With moms across the world searching for a viable option to safely and easily store their milk, Ceres Chill decided it was time to offer its top-selling product on the world’s largest marketplace. Women can now purchase a Chiller in their favorite color on Amazon.com.

Although recent years have seen some incredible innovations in breast pumps from companies like Elvie and Willow, other areas of this sector have lagged behind. This is particularly true of breastmilk storage options for women who are working, traveling, exclusively pumping. Until Ceres Chill introduced its stainless steel chilling bottles, women were forced to choose between high-traffic office refrigerators or bulky coolers. 

Ceres Chill changes all of that. The Chillers have the look of a fancy water bottle but include a revolutionary, patent-pending design that allows women to pump directly into the Chiller. With just a handful of ice, the system cools the milk to a safe temperature without dilution and keeps it safely stored for over 20 hours. The lid converts to a baby bottle to allow parents to easily transport breastmilk and feed their baby without toting endless parts, freeze packs and bags.  All components are compact, ultra-light, and dishwasher-safe to further decrease the stress experienced by new parents. 

Ceres Chill arrived on the scene just as the world health crisis was escalating and significantly greater numbers of women were committing to breastfeeding their infants for longer. A recent survey by breastfeeding industry giants, Medela and Mamava, found that more than 40 percent of moms are more committed to breast milk feeding their babies because of COVID-19, and one in five moms said they expect to breastfeed or pump longer than they initially planned due to the virus. “Breast milk is associated with broad health benefits for babies and moms, including being an important factor in seeding healthy bacteria that shape and bolster the immune system,” says Sascha Mayer, CEO and co-founder of Mamava.

The survey also found that almost half of moms expressed concern about the cleanliness and sanitation of the pumping space in their workplaces when they return to workspaces.

Ceres Chill Founder, Lisa Myers, knows that struggle.  She is a breastfeeding mom with a fulltime job that takes her out of her home and often traveling away from her infant son.  She invented Ceres Chill after being forced to pour one too many bottles of milk down the drain due to inadequate storage options.

“Breastfeeding is hard enough and then the challenge is compounded when women must return to work and are faced with no reliable options for storing their breastmilk other than a high touch area like a communal fridge,” says Myers. “Over the last few months, we have particularly heard from doctors, nurses, postal carriers, and so many other women who are struggling to make it through exceptionally long shifts while sticking to their breastfeeding goals.” 



Seattle-based Ceres Chill was founded in 2019 by Lisa Myers, a working mom determined to meet her breastfeeding goals despite the challenges so many women like her face.  With the support of moms from all over the world, Ceres Chill was fully funded on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform in less than 24 hours.  Ceres Chill’s commitment to empowering women to meet their breast milk feeding goals while living incredible lives is evident in its offering of some of the most innovative products in the breastfeeding storage industry.

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