It’s no secret that co-working spaces are the future. If you want a place to collaborate with others, then WorkSocial is the space for you. WorkSocial boasts a 5-star rating as a workspace. In addition to being an excellent resource for those who want to get work done, WorkSocial is starting Phase I of the Jersey City Recovery Program Through Black Business Enablement, where WorkSocial can uplift and support black business.


Jersey City, NJ, August 31, 2020 – WorkSocial is revolutionizing the co-working space. Based in Jersey City and New York City, WorkSocial offers incredibly collaborative spaces that help you get inspired to be your best self. 

Both locations provide incredible views in the heart of some of the most hustling and bustling cities. Furthermore, WorkSocial offers more than just a co-working space. Between board rooms, training spaces, and virtual office spaces, WorkSocial is the entrepreneur’s dream when it comes to availability and flexibility. 

WorkSocial believes that supporting and lifting fellow businesses is the best way we all can succeed. That is why WorkSoical is announcing that they are starting Phase I of the Jersey City Recovery Program through supporting and enabling black businesses. 

We all do our best work when we work together, and WorkSocial’s ethos is that at the heart of creating movements that matter. That is also why WorkSocial believes in power virtues, which start with the words: “I AM…” 

Though power virtues evolve with time, WorkSocial’s power virtues are: 

“I am love.” 

“I am grateful.” 

“I am caring.” 

“I am congruent.” 

“I am fearless.” 

WorkSocial was founded by entrepreneurs who want to do their life’s best work. Your work is more than just a job; it is a way to provide happiness and fulfillment.

WorkSocial states that it is their goal to provide a space that is inspiring, healthy, and safe for everyone. WorkSocial invests, making sure that every entrepreneur is healthy and happy.

You do your best work when you are in an environment that empowers you to do your best work. That is why WorkSocial has established a culture of diversity, inclusion, and collaboration. 

Do you need more insight on the go? WorkSocial also provides high-quality, business-related blog posts that can help enhance your workflow and business mindset. 

With a group of professional entrepreneurs and the intersection of business minds and creative ideas, WorkSocial is the go-to spot to enhance your work and inspire you to feel passionate about the work you do. 

ABOUT WORKSOCIAL: WorkSocial is a workspace that brings people together to do their lives best work. From collaborative spaces, training rooms, conferences, and more, WorkSocial is there to inspire you and make you feel passionate about the work you do. 

From virtual offices to blog posts, you can be on the go and still enjoy the culture and inspiration from WorkSocial. Additionally, WorkSocial believes that we all do our best work when we all work together, and that is why they are supporting Black business during the first phase of the Jersey City Recovery Program. 

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Natasha Mohan
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