Woodhaus’s customers have a reason to smile after the restaurant announced it would be open on Sundays from 12 pm to 5 pm. Customers can now share good vibes and family fun times while enjoying local ingredients, craft beer, small-batch wine, and their favorite item, wood-fired Neapolitan style pizza. Previously, Woodhaus was open from Wednesday to Saturday, but with pressure from satisfied customers, they have opened their doors to serve the delicacies on Sunday afternoons. For more information, click here.


Yucaipa, CA, September 21, 2021– Woodhaus is now open Sundays. The family-friendly restaurant was previously serving customers from Wednesday to Saturday. However, they have honored customers’ desires by opening their doors on Sundays, from 12 pm to 5 pm. Customers can now enjoy a fun Sunday day with friends and family while enjoying a cold beer, wine, food, and a laid-back atmosphere.

“You asked for it, Yucaipa, and we delivered. Chill with us on Sundays from 12 pm to 5 pm.,” said Shawn from Woodhaus.

Customers in Yucaipa and surrounding areas refer to Woodhaus as heaven on earth for beer, wine, and Neapolitan style pizza. Their menu includes hummus and pita, olives, roasted broccoli, roasted green beans, buffalo chicken, BBQ pork, farm vegetables, salads, and Neapolitan style pizza. Their Neapolitan pizza attracts customers from Yucaipa and beyond and includes classic cheese, margherita, and pepperoni.

“I’m so happy we found this place. We moved from LA and missed our Neapolitan style pizza place we would go to all the time. Now that we found this amazing pizza place, we don’t have to drive far to get our fix. Plus, the beer is amazing. The staff is helpful and friendly, and we will definitely be frequent customers,” said Cynthia, a Garden Grove resident, and a Woodhaus customer.

Woodhaus being open Sundays is a great move that happy customers have welcomed. The restaurant promises to deliver even better services to make Sunday afternoons memorable for families and friends. The Yucaipa uptown eatery also delivers delicacies and drinks to customers at home or work.

The small eatery prides itself on authentic wood-fired food made with local ingredients. Their Neapolitan style pizza is simple, classic, and delicious. Moreover, they have the best vegetables in town, perfectly roasted to make them mouthwatering.

“Our good vibes come from local ingredients, from-scratch sauces, tantalizing craft beer, small-batch wine, and laid-back atmosphere where everyone is welcome. Spend your Sunday fun day alongside your friends and family who love quality food, drinks, and good times. Enjoy our popular authentic Neapolitan pizza made from a 72-hour ferment dough with double zero flour, salt, water, and 5-star yeast,” added Shawn.

About Woodhaus: Woodhaus is a local restaurant in uptown Yucaipa, California. The newly unveiled eatery has become a customer favorite due to the flavorful food, home-crafted beer, and wine. Woodhaus’s menu items include Neapolitan style pizza, roasted vegetables, BBQ pork, and salads. The food is wood-fired, giving it an authentic, classic, and delicious taste. Customers can enjoy indoor and outdoor dining as well as walk-ins from Wednesday to Sunday.

Contact information:

Name: Shawn
Organization: Woodhaus
Address: 35010 Yucaipa Blvd Yucaipa, CA 92399
Phone: (909) 570-9572
Website: https://wood-haus.com/