Key-host: the online vacation rental marketplace company from San Juan, Puerto Rico, has the best-offered options for you. So if you’re ready to book your stay, visit and discover the several places they have for you. Book with Key-host now and experience the best of Puerto Rico.


San Juan, PR, September 21, 2021 – After the chaotic times we had in the last couple of years, everybody craves some vacations in a paradisiac place, and the online vacation rental marketplace company from San Juan, Puerto Rico: Key-host, has the best-offered options for you. This platform allows its clients to rent houses for their stay, ranging from unmatched Penthouses to more cozy locations right in the middle of town. Every single house offered in Key-host is fully furnished and follows strict standards to ensure the stay is as good as any hotel, with a freedom of choice that allows you to experience Puerto Rico the way you prefer. Whether it is in the middle of all the parties or away from the nigh life and closer to the locals: Key-host offers the perfect final touch to ensure your upcoming travel is simply perfect.

And is Puerto Rico a worthwhile destination? Well, with its vibrant beaches, cities that combine tradition with modern comfort, excellent food, and even more welcoming people it should come as no surprise that Puerto Rico remains one of the most popular tourist locations in the world. Another great asset to this destination is that it is a U.S. territory, which means that if you’re an American, you don’t have to have a passport to visit, and you won’t have to worry about exchanging currency once you get there. The Caribbean island has everything it needs to make a visit completely unforgettable.

However, even if you want to see it all, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to see every last corner of Puerto Rico in a single visit. So If you are traveling to Puerto Rico, the most important question you’ll have to ask yourself is: Where do you plan to stay? Remember that each region comes with its attractions and unique beauty, so you need to know which is the perfect place for your travels.

So which are the best places to stay in Puerto Rico? As the capital and most populated city in all of Puerto Rico it’s a no-brainer to include San Juan in the list. In San Juan, you will find both high-end beach resorts in the form of Isla Verde which hosts some of the most important hotels in the entire country. As well as more cozy and personal locations like Condado Beach where the hotel and family experience combine, allowing you to enjoy a resort experience or simply go as a tourist even if you aren’t hosted in a hotel in the area. Luquillo Beach is another great option thanks to the calm ambient it provides as well as the activities offered like kayaking. San Juan’s appeal lies in how much it offers in a relatively small area. Everything is next to each other and you can experience countless unique activities even if San Juan is the only place you visit.

Another top location is La Parguera, a village located in southwest Puerto Rico that has managed to perfectly combine the appeal of nature and tourism in a single place. The quaint village is not as busy or crowded as San Juan which offers a completely different experience. In it, you will discover the best beach in Puerto Rico: The Bioluminescent Bay that with the presence of micro-organisms in the water causes it to glow beautifully when any waves are formed.

And if you’re wondering, which will be the best time of year to visit Puerto Rico in 2021, our advice is: If you want to do a lot of things in Puerto Rico but you don’t want to go there during the hot or winter season, then spring is the ideal period for you. April to June is sunny and breezy at the same time. There are hotels offering less than $200 a night. Although accommodation is quite high during this peak season, you will nevertheless enjoy the events and festivals here, so if you want to go with the flow with other tourists, December to March is the best season to visit Puerto Rico. And finally, if you’re traveling on a budget, you might want to go in the fall since it is off-season, and this is where you will find a lot of sales and discounts from airlines and hotels.

So if you’re ready to book your stay, visit and discover the several places they have for you. Book with Key-host now and experience the best of Puerto Rico!

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