Wingmen – a personal transportation concierge service created by Jason Willians, a veteran, and a law enforcement officer, worried about the thousands of drunk-driving accidents that happen year after year: chose to give people an alternative way to enjoy themselves safely and without any regret.


Long Island, NY, Aug 12, 2021 – Every day, about 28 people in the United States die in drunk-driving crashes; that’s one person every 52 minutes, and those who don’t die but still are hit by the fatalities of drunk/drugged driving experience a total life changer for them and their families. It has been happening for a long time, and we are all aware of it. But Jason Williams, the founder of Wingmen, understood that every number behind this sort of accident represents someone’s family, somebody’s loved one, and he decided to do something about it.

In his years as a law enforcement officer, Jason witnessed unimaginable tragedies surrounding drunk, drugged, and impaired driving. He would arrest the perpetrators and realize that they are not bad people at their core, but made the wrong decisions. He also found the reasons behind these decisions to be perplexing. “I have to work in the morning”, “They tow cars in the lot where I park”, “My car got broken into last time”, and the list goes on. Jason knew there had to be a better solution, and thus the idea for wingmen was born!

As the name suggests, Wingmen is out there to look out for you, to make sure you get home safe, and to become your sidekick during the fun nights and have your back when you need it the most! Being a Designated Driver Service, Wingmen provides an easy-to-use app that allows you to request a driver to drive you and your car from A to B. It’s that simple. Primarily focused on eliminating DUI situations, The service has a range of other use cases that not only makes the community safer but also offer great convenience.

Another great thing about wingmen is that since the beginning, it instantaneously distinguished itself from similar services by creating a different category altogether in the gig economy sector, promoting a new type of future. Wingmen is a personal transportation concierge company that connects people with drivers who drive them – in their own car – wherever they want to go. Whereas others are rideshare companies where users are driven in someone else’s car.

In addition to their designated driver service, Wingmen has a range of use cases that offer convenience and high-quality service. From handling car care and maintenance to providing a chauffeur service, our wingmen pilots will always have your back from behind the wheel.

Making the community safer and allowing users to enjoy true freedom is at the core of Wingmen. If you believe in the wingmen mission and want to stop drunk, drugged, and impaired driving you can support us through the wingmen Kickstarter campaign. You can get involved and make your community safer for as little as $5 and earn exclusive rewards as a special thank you from Wingmen. Rewards include discounted rides, official merchandise, and much more!

If you want safer roads, convenience, and total freedom on your next night out, you need wingmen!

Contact Info

Name: Jason Williams
Organization: Wingmen
Address:626, RexCorp Plaza, 6th Floor, Uniondale, New York, 11556
Phone: 1-855-MYWNGMN
Mail: [email protected]