Wifi Wealth is proud to provide the background of company founder Jerricka Cox and her path to entrepreneurship.


Tempe, AZ, July 16, 2021 – Wifi Wealth is excited to open up about its journey to success with Jerrika Cox.

Wifi Wealth, a Tempe-based financial freedom strategist, is proud to provide the background of company founder Jerricka Cox and her path to entrepreneurship.

According to the media outlet Influencive: “‘Wifi Wealth,’ a popular name associated with Amazon FBA, is a leading company that builds, optimizes, and runs several Amazon FBA stores. The woman with years of experience in the fields of online marketing and eCommerce, is none other than the visionary entrepreneur, Jerrika Cox. She has now decided to share her success story as an entrepreneur and her dream of attaining financial freedom.”

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Influencive continues to state that, “just another child in the foster care system, Jerrika Cox, never let the fire within her soul, die out. She chose to make her way out of it and become financially independent, and this led her towards achieving a full-ride scholarship to a private university in Seattle. Post-graduation, she settled for a basic 9-5 accountant job at a Boutique Law firm. However, Cox had different plans. She decided to use the earnings from the job to start her own business, instead of pursuing her accountant job forever. Her first business venture – a Nutraceuticals eCommerce brand, failed to flourish and was put down within a few months.”

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About its journey, Wifi Wealth says that “though she met failure, she did not lose hope. The undying fire within her soul led her towards establishing several companies in the next few years, such as an Internet Marketing Firm, a Social Media Marketing Firm, a Restoration Contracting Company, and two eCommerce-based CBD brands. From building the internal company culture to providing a quality customer experience, it was a great learning process for the growing visionary entrepreneur, Jerrika Cox.”

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