gym of SEO

Have you ever tried to get in shape? Build muscle? Lose weight?

It’s easy to give up, because results take a LONG time.

You can work out really hard one day…

…but you won’t look much different.

You can also eat a tub of ice cream…

…and it won’t change hardly anything.

But if you do either of these actions over and over, you’ll end up with 2 VERY different results.

Almost everything good is built with consistent effort, over a long period of time.

And that’s exactly how SEO works as well.

The Most Common Mistake

One of the biggest mistakes that we see is people build a few links, and when they don’t see more traffic, they think that SEO doesn’t work.

That’s like going to the gym, doing 15 jumping jacks and wondering why you’re not ripped yet!

What we’ve seen is that it takes about 3 months of consistent effort to start seeing results…

I’m talking about putting up a substantial amount of content, building a substantial amount of links, consistently over the course of 3 months… that’s when you can start noticing changes.

And once you start seeing it, you’ll be addicted and you’ll want even more.

How To Stay Consistent, The Easy Way

The problem is that without a real plan and system, it’s going to be hard to keep consistent.

Plus, you’re going to need an expert helping you so you aren’t wasting your time doing the wrong things.

So we made something to solve all these problems, and help you get the best results possible – and it’s called HOTH X.

HOTH X is our managed SEO service where we help you get SEO results by consistently building up your SEO, month after month, with the right strategy.

In fact, over the last 2 years, this has become our #1 selling product… by FAR.

If you want to see real results through consistency, then check out HOTH X.