Construction sites are susceptible to an array of problems. Equipment and materials theft. Injuries. Trespassers. Arson. Vandalism. Natural disasters. The list is extensive. These expensive and life-threatening challenges require an effective construction site security solution, like live remote video monitoring.

What Is Construction Video Surveillance?

Remote video surveillance involves installing strategically placed cameras around the construction site and monitoring them. A well-designed video security system has eyes on the entire site and can record all activities, even when it’s not being watched live.

Construction companies can work with a vendor that has a remote monitoring center (or three in our case) where trained operators watch their cameras in real time, to catch events as they happen. Services like ours can save you up to 60 percent on your security costs.

Our proactive video monitoring solutions have stopped crime before it happens. A trained operator can contact the police to provide real-time reports of the activity on the worksite. Often, the police arrive and apprehend the suspects before they do damage.

Why Construction Companies Need a Video Surveillance System

The first reason is safety. A site with any hazards can put employees’ lives at risk. Construction companies can also be held liable if a trespasser gets injured on their site, even though they weren’t supposed to be there in the first place.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that 21 percent of the worker fatalities in 2017 occurred in construction. Of all the worker fatalities, 60 percent come from the Fatal Four. The top injuries leading to death are falls, caught in or between objects, electrocutions, and struck by object. Taking steps to eliminate the Fatal Four can save almost 600 U.S. workers’ lives every year.

The second problem is theft. Every year, an estimated $300 to $1 billion of equipment is stolen, according to The National Equipment Register (NER). Fewer than 25 percent of the stolen equipment find their way back to their owners.

While construction companies may have insurance for stolen equipment, theft costs can be more than that. Equipment loss causes project delays and increases expenses. The client won’t be happy if the construction falls behind schedule. That affects the construction company’s reputation. The client probably won’t be a good source for referrals or hire the company again.

Benefits of Video Monitoring

Unlike an on-site security guard, trained security operators can watch the entire property from vantage points that often aren’t accessible to a guard. The guard can’t be everywhere.

Implementing live video surveillance offers many benefits for construction companies including:

  • Advanced security technology
  • Minimized thefts
  • Cut overall expenses
  • Mitigated damage and liability

Worksite managers can review video to verify the site remains safe or to address problems before anything happens. You can’t put a price on safety and saving a life.

Remote Video Surveillance Services

A construction video monitoring system has many options. Here are some of the possibilities:

  • Live video monitoring: Maintain a secure environment while reducing liability and expenses.
  • System health check: Ensures your surveillance system always runs properly.
  • Long-range surveillance: Zoom and capture information, license plates, and faces at a distance.
  • Thermal imaging: Cameras that can see what the human eye and standard cameras cannot.
  • Video analysis: Trained team reviews hours of video footage to investigate issues.
  • Crane Climbing Detection: Protect crane shafts from suspicious activity.
  • Gate & Access Control: Get maximum security and control over who enters your site.
  • Solar Video Monitoring: Allows us to monitor sites without power or electricity
  • Mobile Video Monitoring: Built for rapid deployment and can be mounted on almost any pole or flat surface.

Stealth’s remote video surveillance has many advantages over other companies’ services. These include proactive response, extensive site coverage, quicker response times, and round-the-clock protection.

Where to Start?

Every industry has different security requirements. What works for one does not work well for another. So, contact remote video surveillance companies with experience in construction.

Companies like Stealth offer many options, so your site gets exactly what it needs, and you won’t be stuck with extra features you don’t. For example, if you already have cameras on the worksite, we can watch most systems on the market.

When you work with us, our security specialists will do an assessment of the construction site and review your needs and objectives. They’ll design a customized security solution based on your specifications and go over them with you.

Don’t leave anything to chance. Your workers’ safety depends on it. To get started, please contact us.