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Facing eviction or foreclosure is a scary situation. Where will you live? Where will you put all of your possessions and belongings? What’s next? There are so many anxious questions you need to answer, and it’s important to put them in perspective, one at a time. The first and easiest one to solve is where to store your belongings while you get back on your feet. The answer, is NYC mini storage. If you need to downsize your living arrangement without giving up your items, secure storage is the solution.

Safe storage for your possessions

Unexpected moves come with plenty of stress. In extreme cases, you’ll need to be out of your place within a matter of days. A storage unit is especially helpful in these situations. If you haven’t found a new place to call home—or if you’ve found something and want to move in gradually—an offsite storage unit takes care of the question of where to house your items until you have a more permanent home for them.

As you’re considering options for stowing your possessions, choose a company that offers 24/7 access. Being able to swing by and store or fetch an item at any time is a great convenience—one you might need if your schedule has been up-ended by a displaced living situation.

Get back on your feet unencumbered

If you’re faced with eviction or foreclosure, you have a lot to deal with. Transitioning to life in a new place is complicated, but downsizing helps you move on unencumbered. When you find yourself weighed down by too much stuff, investing in a storage unit is a smart idea. Follow these tips to downsize effectively with the help of NYC mini storage:

  • Always take inventory before moving anything into storage. Keep a list of all items in the unit, as well as their corresponding insurance values.
  • Pack your items with care before placing them in storage. Always provide plenty of cushioning to make sure even the most delicate items stay safe. Use blankets to wrap bulky items like furniture and pack breakables into boxes with plenty of packing paper and bubble wrap.
  • Remember to be strategic about your storage. Even though you’re stowing items away from your home, you’ll likely still want to access them whenever you need. Take it easy on yourself by labeling boxes and placing anything you’ll need sooner, rather than later, in the most accessible spots of your unit. Keep seasonal items near the front and bulky furniture and appliances at the back.

Secure storage means peace of mind

Storage units protect your belongings against damp, cold, precipitation, pests and any other elements that can cause damage. When you’re not sure how long it’ll be before you get yourself back into a consistent living arrangement again, this peace of mind is valuable. You won’t need to worry about items that have meaning because they’ll be under lock and key.

There’s also the peace of mind that comes with stability. Storage units are extremely affordable to rent and many have long-term contracts that make them even more affordable. If you’re struggling to pay rent or your bills, the cost of a storage unit will come as a relief. It’s much more manageable and provides you a great return on investment in the form of stability.

Get two free months of NYC mini storage

At Ben Hur Storage, we know that everyone could use a helping hand—especially when life sends hardship your way. If you’ve recently been evicted, lost your job or had your home foreclosed upon, contact us about storage. We’re offering two months of free NYC mini storage to those enduring economic hardship. We can also connect you with affordable movers who can get your items into storage quickly, so you can focus on getting back on your feet. Let us lend a helping hand when you need it most.