personal loans with no credit check

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One of the most common Google search keywords entered by would be borrowers looking for a loan online is “personal loans NO CREDIT CHECK.” And numerous lenders supply loans of exactly that type, so such a search is likely to result in an embarrassment of riches.

The trouble, if any, won’t be too few options but too many to easily examine them without the help of a professional loan-matching service and search engine tool.

Why Did You Search For “Personal Loans NO CREDIT CHECK?”

If you, along with thousands of others online, enter the search phrase “personal loans no credit check,” what is the motivation behind it? Obviously, to find what you’re searching for – but, why personal loans and why is avoiding a credit check so important?

In reverse order, let’s answer those two questions. First of all, a credit check can actually damage already damaged credit and thus make the loan application process counterproductive. This is especially so if you don’t get approved for the loan anyway, after the credit check was run. And, if you have to apply for 5, 10, or more loans before finding a lender who accepts you – the damage to your credit score would be very severe.

A soft credit check doesn’t matter. But watch out for hard credit checks as they can have a significant negative impact.

As to personal loans, there is good reason why so many are opting for them over other loan options. They let you borrow larger amounts and for longer than with payday loan, have lower rates than payday loans, title loans, and many credit cards, and require absolutely zero collateral for approval.

Also, personal loans are repaid in monthly installments that are determined based on your income. That helps to keep the payments at a size that is reasonably affordable so you don’t get behind and get hit with any late fees.

Applying For Personal Loans Online

The best place by far to apply for a personal installment loan is on the Internet. Some still fear to apply for loans online, but the fact is, even the most reputable and well known lenders nowadays have online loan application portals. And the Web gives you instant access to a plethora of loan options – something that would never have been possible without online lending.

When you apply online, you never have to leave the comfort of your own home. You avoid wasting time and gas money driving around from lender location to lender location OR eating up your call-minutes by calling up lender after lender via telephone.

If you use a professional loan matching broker like Bonsai Finance, you can avoid being overwhelmed by too many options. Bonsai rapidly powers through hundreds of top lenders in a matter of moments, based on your own chosen search criteria. You can experiment with different searches and whittle down the results as needed. This is a tool that really does make “finding that elusive needle in the haystack” practical.

Pinpoint Bad Credit No Credit Check Lenders

Bonsai Finance can help you find the most reputable lenders of personal loans and/or payday loans who not only accept bad credit and no credit applicants but who WILL NOT run a credit check on you.

But you don’t have to sacrifice all other positive points about a lender to find one with no credit checks. You can correlate that search criterion with things like low APR, sufficient principal and loan term allowed, low fees, and quick delivery of your cash to your account in only one or two business days.

Bonsai Finance can find you personal loans no credit check that score higher than their competitors in all other important loan evaluation categories. We find you your number one loan!