When we think about relaxation, it’s easy to see it as a bit of a luxury. Something that’s nice to have but often, at the bottom of our priority list. We all lead hectic and often chaotic lives, and so while relaxing might seem like a luxury it’s more important than ever. With the stress of work, parenting, finances, friendships and more- it’s so easy to become drained and even suffer long term and dangerous problems as a result. Making time in your schedule to de-stress and relax is something all of us need to be doing. Here are a few reasons why!

It prevents burnout

Burnout is the point of mental and physical exhaustion. It can be incredibly dangerous, leading to mental health problems like depression and anxiety, eating too much (or too little), not getting enough sleep and feeling dazed and overwhelmed. Most of us have reached this point at one stage or another and if you have, you’ll know how unpleasant it can be. Not only do you risk longer term health and mental health problems, but you also can’t function properly when you’re in this state. Find relaxing things to do to help prevent this. Take hot baths and treat yourself to spa trips, look into the benefits of CBD vs THC. CBD oil for example has been widely proven to have great relaxation benefits, and is perfectly legal and safe.

It keeps you more productive

Are you a career minded individual? Perhaps you’re a family person and you’re raising kids. Either way, you’ll need to remain productive in your life to get things done. Relaxing might sound counter intuitive, it’s time you could be spent tackling things on your neverending to-do list… right? Actually, relaxation allows you to be more productive. With a clearer head you’re more focused and can make better decisions and generally get through things more quickly. If you’ve ever had a day where it feels like you’ve been constantly busy but not got much done, this is probably why. Take a break, and when you return chances are you’ll get through it much more quickly.

It enables you to maintain better relationships

None of us are our best selves when we’re stressed. We can be over emotional, reactive, snappy and impatient. It’s not nice for the people in our lives, and over time can push them away. We can’t always be happy rays of sunshine, but if you’re always at your worst then it can put a strain on your relationships. Spend time relaxing and you’ll feel much more like ‘yourself’.

It’s important for your physical health

Mental health and physical health are closely linked. Take care of one, and the other will more than likely follow. Relaxation reduces blood pressure, reduces the release of the stress hormone cortisol and helps you to sleep better.