Money Map Press Readers Enjoy Bigger ProfitsPhoto by Frank Busch

Money Map Press was founded in 2007 with one goal in mind: to make investing profitable for our readers.

And for 13 years, through two global economic crises, our “brain trust” of seven investing and trading experts have done just that. Our readers and their success are the cornerstone of our business.

There are two factors that set us apart from the crowd in the financial publishing industry – two things that make all the difference for subscribers following along with our research.

First, there’s our independence. We have zero financial interest in our experts’ research recommendations. We don’t make a red cent on any profits our readers make from our experts’ recommendations. And we never accept compensation – even in the form of advertising – from stock promoters, brokers, or dealers of any kind.

Plain and simple: When our experts make a stock or trading recommendation, it’s because they believe the evidence shows that recommendation will make our readers profits.

And there’s our experience. These days, anyone can declare themselves a financial “guru” and start dispensing “advice” for your retirement, your wealth. As the personal economic devastation from the 2008 and 2020 crashes tragically shows, the outcomes can be disastrous.

An analyst needs a lot more than an English degree and a website to be published at Money Map Press. We believe our editors should have, at minimum, 20 years of experience trading and managing real money.

We insist on total transparency in track records, too.

Our Chief Investment Strategist, Shah Gilani, started his own hedge fund in 1982 from his very own seat on the Chicago Board Options Exchange. He worked in the “pits” as a market-maker who helped develop what we know today as the Volatility Index (VIX).

Shah’s expertise recently helped Money Map Report reader Gary Z. book a 100% profit in four days on AYX calls. It enabled Christopher T. to make $9,324.57 on LDOS. Thomas T. made a 100% profit on WELL that he says he’ll use to replace his retirement money.

Defense & Technology Specialist Michael A. Robinson believes the road to wealth is paved with tech. He should know; Michael spent 36 years in Silicon Valley as a consultant, senior advisor, and board member for venture capital firms while building an unparalleled network of CEOs, scientists, and VC players.

That’s enabled Michael to make recommendations that allowed James H. to make $418,951, or around 1,240% in profit. His research helped Ryan J., who lost everything – including his family home – in 2008, rebuild his family’s nest egg.

Tom Gentile, America’s No. 1 Pattern Trader, has one of the best, most respected track records in the business. And he boasts an incredible life story, too: He started stocking shelves at the original Home Depot store, but his passion for computers and programming led him to ultimately sell his proprietary trading suite to a major Wall Street brokerage for $20 million. Tom has taught more than 300,000 regular people how to build real wealth trading options.

In 2019, in his Money Calendar Pro service, Tom delivered 53 100%-plus winning trade recommendations to his subscribers. That’s more than one a week, and that doesn’t include the double-digit winners.

And he’s almost perfectly on pace to do it all over again for his subscribers – in 2020’s radically transformed, volatile market.

Technical Trading Specialist D.R. Barton, Jr., has been a successful trader for 25 years. He was able to build enough wealth to leave his position as a DuPont chemical engineer to pursue his passion for trading and investing full time. He’s a financial author, lecturer, and coach as well as the co-founder and COO of the Directional Research and Trading hedge fund.

D.R. recently blew the lid off a way of making money that had been the exclusive preserve of Wall Street’s elite power players; he put that moneymaking power in the hands of his Dark Edge Project Members. Member Ray J. was able to make 158.5% on his initial investment using D.R.’s recommendations, while Ken L. bought some options D.R. researched for $310 and sold them for $1,350.

There’s a lot more.

We publish research from respected Quantitative Specialist Chris Johnson, who started building his proprietary market models in 1998 and who gave his Night Trader subscribers nearly 70 double- and triple-digit winning profit plays this year. Subscriber Katherine M. made $40,000 on three of “CJ’s” recommendations

Biotech Investing Specialist Ernie Tremblay’s readers have been investing and trading in one of the most active biotech environments ever, thanks to the pandemic. They recently got a shot at closing out a 134% gain on Moderna, a company in the headlines virtually every day. Ernie’s Novavax pick hit 485%.

And we recently welcomed Millionaire Trader and 1450 Club Founder Andrew Keene into the fold. When he amassed a $5 million stake by his 30th birthday, Andrew began helping thousands of regular investors transform their lives (and leave “the nine to five” behind). Since late 2019, his club Members have had the chance to bank 82 double- and triple-digit winners. Andrew trades for about an hour a day, hosting a private trading room for his subscribers. That way, Chet M. was able to go up $15,000 in one day – and Robert V. “made his rent” in five minutes.

Money Map Press was one of the first financial publishers to bring quality cannabis investing research to people. We founded and continue to host the distinguished National Institute for Cannabis Investors. Its nine board members include successful cannabis entrepreneurs, traders, CEOs, and health officials. NICI takes a holistic, “top to bottom” approach to cannabis investing, researching the entire sector to bring its Members the best actionable recommendations in this explosive new field.

Our Angels and Entrepreneurs Network has helped introduce angel investing to a new class of investors: everyday people. It’s no longer necessary to be a high-net-worth “player” to access this lucrative new world. Member Robert M. said it best when he said he gained “a wealth of knowledge, people you can trust, vetted investment opportunities, and friendly, knowledgeable staff.” We’re seeing incredible growth in this network as dozens of Members have begun to set up groups of their own to meet and trade tips on angel investing.

We’ve helped our subscribers make money in bull markets and bear markets, through great boom times and two major crises. Our expertise, our independence, and our total commitment to making our readers’ investing profitable is the one thing that’s never changed.