Some US cities may be interrupting the car industry with increases in ride sharing. But, many of us still need our own wheels.

Does a low credit score have you walking or taking public transit? There is an answer, and it may be easier than you think.

A short-term installment loan can help your credit and get you what you need for a car. The best part of these loans is that you can get them without a traditional credit check.

Here’s why loans with no credit check are perfect for buying a car.

What You’ll Need for Loans With No Credit Check

First, you’ll need proof of income. Keep in mind that there are limits on the payment amount to the lender. They’ll want to make sure they’re affordable for you each month.

You’ll also need to be at least 18 and have an active bank account. Lastly, you can’t have any other existing loans.

Other financial obligations such as credit cards are not taken into consideration.

What the Lender Does

There is no credit check. You don’t need to worry about a short-term loan application dinging your credit score. Lenders understand that bad credit does not always mean bad financial shape.

You may have assets and savings that work in your favor. They’ll confirm your income and expenses, and offer a payment plan that works for you.

There’s no penalty for paying off the loan early, and lenders are open to making alternative payment arrangements if they need to occur.

Because the loans are quick and easy, there are no long waits once the lender gets your information.

What You Can Expect

Once your application is in and you get approval, the lender will outline all the conditions of the loan.

First, what you decide to spend the money on is up to you. Because the installment loan is a personal one, it’s not like financing a car.

There’s no need to provide proof of insurance or driving record. The loan proceeds are yours to spend as you see fit.

As long as you make your payments on time, you’ll enjoy a better credit rating. And the lender will extend loans to you in the future if necessary.

Loans With No Credit Check Get You Back on the Road

Less than perfect credit is common, and there are ways to get back on the road. A personal loan approval along with on-time payments is a great start.

This establishes you as more credit-worthy. Your record improves as a result. You’ll have more opportunities for low-interest credit cards or higher loan amounts.

Loans with no credit check can get you back on the road in other ways, too. Take a look at the loan amount available for you. Then, start shopping for the car you need.

At Bonsai Finance, we understand that bad credit can be a hurdle to the things you need most. We also know that needless delays for approval can make situations harder.

Take a look at our quick and easy loan offers and find your solution today.