“Leadership is an action, not a position.”- Daniel McGannon


Gainesville, GA, August 26, 2021- After partnering up in May, CEOs Regenia Lee of Gateway Executives and Daniel Uzamere of RedBelt, Inc are really focused on the importance of leadership in their workplace.

With so many recent promotions within the company, leadership in the workplace is more important than ever. Being a leader and teaching others to be one as well can be challenging and rewarding. When you hear the word “leadership”, what do you think of? Why is it so important in the workplace? Here is what our leaders and CEOs had to say:

Corporate Trainer and Top Leader Emily Mocan says, ”I think of someone who goes above and beyond the norm, no matter how hard the task is to reach success.” As a leader, Mocan has really stepped into her role well and has shown exceptional leadership skills within the workplace. “Leadership is important in the workplace because with guidance and rigorous work, anyone can become a leader.”

CEO Daniel Uzamere strongly believes in helping people reach their highest potential when developing them in his company. He says, “I think of a captain (ship or plane) who understands that it takes everyone doing the very best of their own tasks to achieve success,” when he hears the word leadership. And as a business owner, he carries that with him. “Leadership is important especially in the workplace because it increases efficiency which equals progression.”

Nyels Preston, who is on the fast track to Assistant Director, has been with Gateway Executives since November 2020, is also focused on the leadership of the company as well as building the standards for his own. When he thinks of leadership, he describes it as “doing what it takes that others are not willing to do.” Preston also stated that when it comes to leadership in the workplace it is important to be “leading from the front and helping others exceed expectations.”

CEO Regenia Lee is also strongly passionate about her business and the leadership that is held within it. “A leader is someone who can read the room and know what it needs, because, a true leader sees everyone, not just the ones that notice them; for you are only as good as the people you develop,” said Lee when thinking of the word “leadership”. As a business owner, being a leader within the workplace is extremely important. “A leader never stops learning and growing for their team, so we never stop the leadership development here at Gateway Executives.”

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