Holiday parks

Why Holiday Parks are a Wonderful Place for a Week’s Holiday. A holiday park is a great place to relax. They are usually set in acres of parkland with a large club house that has all kinds of different events on offer, as well as varied activities and shows for individuals and groups alike.


The time off that we get off from work is very precious. So, it’s a good idea to get out and enjoy the countryside, and not to become a couch potato!  Relaxing at home is a great way to start your holiday, but you might regret missing out on doing something different, and getting out and about. Whether you’re getting a week or two off work, are taking a break, or have recently retired, the idea of being housebound may become dull and a tad boring after a day or two, so it’s a nice idea to get out and enjoy the fresh air.

Country Park

Holidays are needed, whatever you do…..especially when you can enjoy being in a new environment and surrounded by lots of different, exciting activities. There’s the usual (and more traditional method) of hopping on a plane to travel to an exciting destination on the other side of the planet. However, many people like to spend their time off in a holiday park, a sort of “staycation” at home in the UK. A Holiday Park is is a great place to relax. They are usually set in acres of parkland with a large club house that has all kinds of different events on offer, as well as varied activities and shows for individuals and groups alike. Still not convinced by the idea? Well, why not do some research yourself, and have a look, at some related photos for a better idea. But for now, here are a few  reasons why holiday parks are excellent places to spend your much needed relaxation time.

Holiday Park

They’re Usually Purpose-Built For You 

Holiday Parks are usually purpose built and offer the best in varied activities, lovely food, evening entertainment and various activities, such as bike hire, horse riding, canoeing, kayaking and hiking, They nearly all offer swimming pools and hot tubs too. They have been built for your ultimate enjoyment and relaxation!

Hot Tub

They Typically Have Wonderful Scenery

Holiday Parks are always set in stunning countryside. If you want to get away from your typical, mundane day-to-day life in order to gaze on tranquil lakes and shady woodland, then a holiday park is the place for you and your family. They have acres and acres of countryside right on their doorstep, with some holiday parks offering self-catering in charming log cabins.

Log Cabin

You’ll Get To Meet New People 

Obviously, you won’t be the only guest(s) there, so it’s a lovely way to meet new people. Meeting new people is always interesting: you get to chat to people from all over the country (and the world) and the children will find new friends to play with too, sometimes forming life-long friendships, as well as sharing the moment in the Holiday Park too.

Girls Playing

Trying New Things Is Always Good 

You can of course turn up for a week (or two) and just relax, but you can also try out new things too. There are typically an array of different activities and other things for you to get involved with, such as cycling, horse riding, playing golf, canoeing, kayaking, playing in the water park, swimming and archery. For instance, Holiday Parks such as Woodlands Hall Holiday Park have different events and activities on offer all of the time, for you to get involved in whenever you’d like. Many holiday parks have sports halls and fields for people to compete on. And, the chefs offer an array of new and exciting dishes for you to enjoy in the dining hall, for adults and children alike.

Set Table

It’s Peaceful 

Whether you choose to go in the summer or in the winter, it’ll be peaceful, due to the quiet countryside location. Even if there are lots of children there, the overall feel, the views, and the service will create a feeling of relaxation and utter tranquillity.


Things Will Be Taken Care Of For You

One of the biggest stresses in life is the constant burden of having to do stuff. That seems like a pretty broad statement, but what we mean is that you always have errands to run and chores to do. When you’re away on holiday in one of these parks, all of the daily chores are done for you. No washing up, making beds or vacuuming!

Relaxing with a brew

You Might Fall In Love With It 

It might just be a place for you to use in order to get away from something – nothing more or nothing less….it’s a simple as that! And, it could be the ideal place to escape the daily stresses of life for years to come…..the perfect place to “chillax” and recharge your batteries.


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