I guess around about now you are saying “What??? Pop up Canopies can’t be useful for my business because…” but hear me out on this one. First of all, let’s look at some points about pop up canopies so we are clear on their uses and usefulness in a variety of ways.


Pop up canopies have the following useful features:

  • Completely customizable with branding and graphics
  • Large in size when compared to a typical sign so can be seen from a distance
  • Portable, easy and quick to set up and takedown
  • Can be set up almost anywhere
  • Look professional
  • Creates a covered area for storage or as a focal point for people to gather

These are advantages for any type of business and with your own canopy, you can use it for issues that are specifically related to your business type. Here are some business/industry types and some ideas for using a canopy to both promote your company and provide a useful space.

For Retail

Simply setting up a canopy outside a store will catch the attention of passers-by. Whether it is set up inside or outside, it gives you another focal point to bring people to and provide specific information about a product or service you want to promote. Place a couple of trained staff there and you have a dedicated “Shop-in-Shop” like a big department store.

For Construction

For a small construction company, a pop-up canopy can be invaluable. When constructing a property or carrying out work on an existing one, placing a canopy at the front shows off your branding in a powerful way. It shows professionalism to those who see it and elevates the perception of your company. It also makes a great place to store items such as tools or materials.

For the Automotive industry/Vehicle showrooms

Canopies are already widely used in this area, especially for peak promotional times. The advantage of an additional area for salespeople to take clients is huge for a business that often has people outside looking and choosing vehicles.

Tradespeople and In-Home services

Similar to construction, having a canopy can be a great way to increase awareness of your company and what you are doing. We see many in this sector using small signs at the front of properties which of course are better than nothing but a canopy will provide a far superior impression.  Keep your clients happy too by using a canopy to store materials, tools, rubble, etc. and cut down on eyesores which can be a contentious issue in home renovations.

For Real Estate

Have an open house? Bring your canopy and turn the viewings into a hive of activity as people see a canopy far quicker than a sign. It gives people a focal point to find you when they have questions and allows you to store anything you need. How much better will your company looks with a large-sized, totally branded canopy when compared to your competitors with a sign and a couple of balloons?

Anyone who does tradeshows

If you do tradeshows then a good canopy should be a priority, almost a “standard item” for you to have. Having a canopy cuts down the cost of exhibiting as you have a consistent and durable display which you do not need to plan again for each time. Planning for a trade show can and should take time but when you have the opportunity to save time, don’t miss out! Don’t forget you can make use of the canopy outside of tradeshows too! Make the most of it and use it any time you have the opportunity to.


These are just a few examples of the value and versatility of canopies. Add another dimension to your business and talk to us at Colorado Canopies to see what options are available. Our free advice and in-house graphic designers can assist you in making a canopy that stands out and is perfect for your needs.