Why do I need ceramic coating?Photo from Kings Valet Luxury Services

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The short answer is obvious – to protect your car from the elements. With the sun beating down on your paint, oxidation from the air, and chemicals from your surrounding environment, your car actually needs more protection than it’s getting. Ceramic coating acts as a second skin to make sure the vehicle you care about stays looking its best.

Regardless of what the environment’s doing to it.

What, specifically, is Ceramic Coating?

When done correctly, Ceramic Coating bonds with your car’s clear coat to form a long lasting, high shine “Nano Coat” barrier. Ceramic Coatings repel water, chemicals in the air, and prevent the natural dulling of your paint over time.

A professionally applied Ceramic Coating protects, enhances and strengthens one of your most valued investments!

Why should you hire professionals?

Unfortunately, a lot of people learn the hard way that quality ceramic coating isn’t something they can DIY. The truth is, high grade coatings that last beyond 30 days take tremendous expertise and the steady hands of people who know what they’re doing. You should only have this procedure done by technicians who have put in the requisite time to understand how to apply it correctly.

Pro Tip – Don’t Take Shortcuts

When discussing DIY grade products an old adage comes to mind. “Pick 2 of 3: good, cheap or fast”. These products are ‘fast’ and ‘cheap’, but are nowhere near as ‘good’ as Professional Grade Ceramic Coatings. 90% of the “sio2 infused” brands sold in box stores contain tons of fillers (some are literally added to a wax base). Fillers are a short term solution to a long term problem. Even the best of these box store “coatings” only lasts about 60 days. Professional Ceramic Coatings do not require reapplication. They are the best protection against bug guts, bird droppings and our Indiana winters.

The truth is, over the counter products can be removed within 60 seconds. A true professional grade coating will never have the extra fillers that cheapen store-bought products. The professional coating can be compared to laying a permanent flexible glass shield over your corrected or new paint. A professional grade ceramic coating will take days with wet sanding and buffing to remove.

It’s there because your vehicle deserves the best!