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Running a business is no longer just about setting up shop. You need to create an online presence and a good one at that. If the occurrences of 2020 are anything to go by, every business needs to be able to keep running even when your customers cannot physically walk into your shop. As a business owner, you don’t just need a website. You need a great option for content marketing and sales funnels too.

Have you heard about Builderall? Hundreds of online businesses are using it to boost their performance and with good reason. Let us take a look at some of the amazing services you can find on Builderall and why you need it for your business as soon as possible.

What is Builderall?

Are you an entrepreneur or a marketer who is just getting started in the online business industry? Managing your business and optimizing it for maximum success usually requires several tools. This can be time-consuming and quite expensive. That is precisely why we have Builderall.

Builderall is your one-stop-shop for all things digital marketing. It can help you boost the performance of an existing business or start a new online business. You can access all your marketing tools in one place instead of employing the services of tens of tools. These include heat maps, landing pages, building websites, sales funnels, and a lot more.

The Builderall System is based in a cloud. As such, you do not need to install or download it onto any of your mobile devices. You will be required to create an account on Builderall’s official website and have a stable internet connection.

It is a convenient marketing platform due to its comprehensive tools. You can save a lot of time and money by getting all the tools you need for your business in one program.

Who Can Use Builderall?

Builderall is an excellent program for anyone looking to create a website or optimize their online business for better success in selling goods and services. It is very easy to use and can greatly benefit business owners, B2B companies, content creators, online service providers, and affiliate marketers.

The best thing about Builderall is the fact that you need zero web design and coding knowledge to build your website. Isn’t this great? Here are some of Builderakks main features and why they are a must-have for your business.

Builderall Attributes

Builderall is a goldmine if you are in the business of offering products and services online. It has a ton of features but some of them are exclusively available in the essential or Premium plan. Here are some of the program’s best attributes.

Committed Servers

Building and publishing your online business is as easy as pie with Builderall. It offers a variety of local servers on which you can host your website, videos, webinars, sales funnels, and any other content you would like to put up.

Builderall is a hosted program. As such, all backup, security, and internet maintenance issues are handled by the Builderall team. You can focus on optimizing your business and rest assured that all the technicalities will be taken care of.

The program’s CDN network has servers in five continents and delivers high running time and fast speeds. You can apply up to five domains and enjoy the additional visitor numbers and limitless bandwidth.

Website Builder

Many users claim that Builderall’s website builder is its best feature but that all depends on what you need to do for your online business. The program has a wide selection of website builders to help you create landing pages. It also lets you build your website in three distinct builders so that you can view how your site appears on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

This is instrumental in creating the best user experience for your visitors irrespective of the devices they use to browse. It also makes your website rank highly in search engines so that your target audience can find your content easily.

These website builders include:

·  Drag and drop responsive builder

·  Drag and drop pixel perfect builder

·  Mobile-first drag and drop builder

Many business owners find themselves glued to their devices because designing your site to perfection can be quite addictive. That is why you have the option of building your site with the drag and drop responsive builder only. It is an excellent choice if you want to optimize your site across all devices but with less time.

All Builderall builders are easy to use. Simply drag and drop items anywhere on the page, change fonts and colors, and a lot more. The website builder is also ideal for creating infographics. It lets you design kindle, eBook and Facebook covers, blog headers, resumes, and advertisement images. Builderall lets you create professional and functional websites, sales pages, and virtual stores for your ideal online business.


Builderall has all the templates you could ever want and more. It is comprised of more than a hundred eye-catching and optimized templates to help you design a landing page, sales funnel, or your entire website.

These templates provide for every industry and business niche you can think of. Whatever kind of online business you are looking to venture into, you can rest assured that Builderall has a template for it. They include education, music, news, travel, agency, design, and health and beauty.

The templates are customized to suit different types. You can find templates for your sales funnel set, membership page, webinar page, and lead capture page, among others. You can proceed to customize the template you choose with the website builders we mentioned earlier.

They are ideal for people with no knowledge of web design or the time to build one from scratch. Builderall templates ensure that you have a unique and captivating page without the usual hassle.

No need to worry if you would rather design your own website. Builderall has several blank templates for you to create your ideal page from square one.

Sales Funnels Templates

Why struggle with the complexities of building your sales funnel when you can use templates? Builderall has numerous sales funnels templates that are specially designed to boost your conversions and sales. You can choose from integrations and checkout templates. Most businesses go with a two-step checkout system but you can choose a three-step option depending on your preferences and the nature of your business. These templates even have options for up and cross-selling at the checkout stage.

SEO On-Page Optimization

Builderall understands how SEO is important when it comes to placing you in front of prospective customers. That is why it has an on-page SEO tool that analyzes every section of your website’s SEO, gives you a score, and offers tips on how you can improve your ranking.

All you need to do is enter your site address alongside a keyword that’s related to your business. The SEO tool delivers instant tips on how your site is ranking as per the entered keyword and what you can do to improve your content’s ranking in Google’s search engine.

This tool is phenomenal because of its ability to provide SEO results not only for your Builderall web pages but also for other URLs. This means you can take a peek at how you are ranking against your competitors and determine whether to change marketing strategies or maintain existing ones.

The aforementioned sales funnels are also SEO optimized to ensure that your website has a fighting chance against competitors even if you are just getting started.

Builderall Photo and Video Editor

Builderall has a 3D photo editor studio feature which is an invaluable asset for your content creation efforts. You can create magnificent social media graphics, logos, and photos. The software is as easy to use as simple mobile apps but the performance it delivers makes the entire platform worth the money.

You can design limitless animated and sales videos with the animated VSL video builder. It helps you to create your own expressions and characters or choose from the wide range of unique characters available. You can then download these videos and publish them on your site, YouTube, or any social media platform.

That’s not all. Builderall has a mockup studio where business owners and marketers of all levels can design captivating Facebook posts, videos, and images to pique the viewers’ interest and drive more traffic than regular social media posts. The exclusive mockup tool helps you to design your won infographics as well.


Builderall also has a magnificent website bot feature that enables you to create chatbots for your website with their flow system. Visitors usually turn to chatbots when they need quick answers about your products or services. That is why a professional and reliable chatbot is a necessity for your website. You can engage with your customers at any time without relying on social media platforms like Facebook.


Builderall has an email autoresponder feature known as Mailingboss. The program comprises dozens of tools such as funnel building and management solutions. Designing emails is way much easier with the drag and drop email building option and top-quality visual automation program.

E-Learning Courses

Builderall has a comprehensive eLearning app for online businesses that sell classes and courses. The app allows you to build lessons and courses, manage teachers and students, and many more features. You can produce quizzes, create videos and tests, and publish course material and resources.

It also helps you to build the entire course and prevent students from skipping ahead in the course by limiting their access to completed courses. You can create unlimited courses and lessons too. This makes it one of the most effective platforms for eLearning businesses.

Webinar Builder

Webinars are steadily growing in popularity and the warm reception that has met them in the past few months is pushing more businesses to engage their customers with them. How do you create a webinar? The answer is simple, Builderall. You can create an engaging Live webinar with tens of options to choose from including screen sharing, webinar recording, and streaming. The RMTP streaming feature allows you to set up live streaming on Youtube and Facebook.

Affiliate Program

Did you know you can also earn some extra money by becoming a Builderall affiliate? It’s very simple. You must sign up for Builderall Business or the Premium plan. The plan goes for$69.90 a month with a 14-day free trial. Unlike other programs, the Builderall affiliate program has a two-tier commission plan which basically means you earn money in two levels. We cannot promise that you will become a millionaire off of it but hey, who doesn’t like money?

Builderall Vs Clickfunnels

If you are looking for a cost-effective tool for all your website’s needs, Builderall is the program for you. All the magnificent tools we have highlighted come at such reasonable prices, we consider it a steal.

Clickfunnels has three payment plans with the least being $97 monthly. Builderall, on the other hand, charges $69.90 per month. When it comes to digital marketing and indeed every other business out there, high prices are not a reflection of high quality.

That is particularly true with Builderall. It may seem significantly cheaper than Clickfunnels but at the same time, provides a more holistic approach to all the tweaks and spruce ups your website might need.

Advantages of Builderall

·  It has a decent free plan which doesn’t support custom domains and has a limited bandwidth

·  An affordable premium plan

·  Tens of tools to optimize your online business

·  You can create your very own affiliate program with integrated payment options

·  Active Facebook community

·  Embedded codes that enhance WordPress integration

Final Thoughts

The online marketplace is all about survival for the fittest and only the tough maintain relevance. The internet is flooded with hundreds of businesses just like yours and creating a website or content that stands out from the crowd can be hectic. Builderall is an affordable tool that enables you to optimize your website and boost sales. We hope that this elaborate post has helped put the overall inner workings of Builderall into perspective.