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There’s no two ways about it – 2020 was a year for the history books. As the pandemic swept the globe, many of the things we once took for granted were snatched away without a moment’s notice. With a long list of places and activities no longer within easy reach, we have gained a new appreciation for the simple things in life, whether through the process of making and learning or simply shifting our perspective of the world around us.

As our homes became even more intertwined with our lives, countless people took this time to create more joy within their four walls. Over the last year, art may have been a way for you to flex your creativity muscles, express your personality or even provide an outlet in the most challenging moments. 2020 may be over, but this newfound appreciation of art shows no sign of going anywhere fast. Here are just a few reasons why art is more important than ever in 2021.

Minimalist dining room with pot plant

Reflection I by Jean Vertentes

Lift Your Mood

Working from home isn’t always easy, with countless distractions at home along with the blurring of lines between your work and relaxation time. A plain workspace with blank walls may work well for some, but add in some bold, graphic artwork and you’ll be surprised at how much more creative and energised you feel. That’s because art engages the senses, with different styles and subjects evoking different moods. The same goes for any other room in the house, where art can help to alter the way you feel, and even produce changes on a physiological level.

Colour, in particular, can have a huge impact on your mood, with plenty of psychological studies to back this idea up. While blue can promote feelings of relaxation and tranquillity, yellow can boost your mood and productivity. Art is a great way to introduce colour to a room in an easy and flexible way. If the atmosphere it creates isn’t quite right, you can simply try it out in another area in the house (it’s a lot less hassle than repainting a wall!)

Change The Look Of Your Home

With more time spent at home than ever before, over the past year, many people have thrown themselves into improving their home decor. Whether through DIY projects, changing colour schemes or finally getting round to those long-awaited repairs, there’s something really rewarding about putting a bit of time and effort into your space.

Art is one of the most affordable ways to make a big impact on a room’s look and feel, introducing fresh colours, filling empty space and tying elements of the room together. Even just one large-scale piece can completely refresh a space, while a gallery wall will inject some personality that will breathe new life into your home.

There’s no doubt that it’s been tough for many of us to spend so much time indoors. When everything else feels stagnant, making a few simple changes to our space can have a truly transformative effect. A change of scenery can help reinvigorate us, helping to alleviate the feeling of being stuck indoors and creating a sense of freshness that can impact other areas of our lives.

Spacious living room

A Flamingo’s Fancy by Sillier Than Sally

Put Your Stamp On Your Space

Art is a subjective thing, with different styles speaking to each of us in different ways. While some people love bold bright colours and abstract compositions, others love nothing more than the dramatic aesthetic of black and white photography. One of the great things about art is that there really is something for everyone, no matter what your tastes.

Putting your own personal stamp on your interior is one of the key things that transforms a house into a home. Curating pieces that reflect your style and personality is a great way to express yourself, especially at a time when you may not have been able to enjoy all of your usual creative endeavours. It’s not just about the way your home looks, but about keeping a hold of your identity and feeling completely at ease in your space.

Bring Back Memories

Images tell a visual story and have the power to transport us to a specific place or moment in time. Whether it’s a family photo or a landscape print of one of your favourite vacation spots, hanging a piece of art in your home can bring back memories of happy times and special occasions. Even better, you needn’t leave the house to revisit them. All you have to do is take a glance at the wall and those nostalgic feelings will come flooding back.

Choosing art that brings back fond memories can work wonders for our wellbeing, providing an instant feeling of comfort and happiness. Even when the scenery around us changes, we can use meaningful works of art to hold on to those memories and bring about a sense of familiarity. They’re also a reminder that, even when current events have left us feeling hopeless, there are plenty of good times ahead and new memories to be made.

The dinner table

Bondi Icebergs


Though positive change is on the horizon, the world remains an uncertain place. As we navigate our way through the coming year, art will remain an important part of our day-to-day lives. Introducing more art into our homes can change not only how they look but also how we feel, bringing some much-needed positivity during these uncertain times.

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