LeafLeaf, Inc. is a wholesale tea distributor providing all-natural, delicious teas infused with CBD and organic mushrooms for mental clarity. The company is committed to the full transparency of product ingredients and environmental sustainability. The University of Arizona’s Forge Accelerated Entry Program invited LeafLeaf to be part of its unique incubator for students and businesses to collaborate on research and development.


TUCSON, AZ — March 10, 2020 — LeafLeaf, a wholesale tea distributor providing ready-to-drink teas of unparalleled quality, is proud to announce it was invited to participate in the University of Arizona’s inaugural Forge Accelerated Entry Program for start-ups. In January, LeafLeaf joined fellow start-ups Bilet Ticket Digital, ELE Optics, Globally Good, GoEnglishChat, Greencold Tech, Guided, Harbor Lighthouse Studios, My Posture Life, RentLab, SeVA Technology and Stackhouse in Forge’s new business innovation hub in downtown Tucson.

The Forge program is overseen by the University of Arizona and offers students the opportunity for experiential learning alongside businesses focused on developing new technology. They are assisted by an individualized team of coaches, mentors and industry experts. “We are so proud and excited to be part of Forge’s unique business incubators,” said Alexander Basler, founder and CEO of LeafLeaf, Inc. “At LeafLeaf we’re offering something truly unique, the first ready-to-drink tea infused with full-spectrum hemp and organic mushrooms for a balanced mind.”

As CBD-infused products continue to grow in popularity nationwide, LeafLeaf has developed a delicious product for customers seeking the benefits of cannabinoids. Each bottle of tea is brewed locally in Tucson and includes a natural blend of ingredients helping with energy, clarity and mental balance. The tea contains as much caffeine as a single cup of coffee. “There are many CBD products on the market that aren’t what they claim to be, full of fake ingredients or inflated prices,” said Basler. “Our company is dedicated to full transparency. Everything from the ingredients, lab testing, sourcing, sustainability, and even the welfare of our workers, is available to consumers. We want you to know exactly what you’re getting.”

LeafLeaf is committed to sustainability, using recycled bottles for its tea with labels printed from Biostone. “We put our money where our mouth is,” said Basler. “We also give back to community non-profits every six months by donating ten cents from the sale of every unit.” Basler’s 2015 trip to India was the beginning of LeafLeaf’s origin story. He tasted the finest teas from Shillong to Kochi, often right beside the fields where the leaves had been grown. Visit www.leafleaf.us now to learn more about this unique product.

ABOUT LEAFLEAF, INC. – LeafLeaf is a wholesale tea distributor providing ready-to-drink teas of unparalleled quality to beverage retailers nationwide. Our teas are the harmonious fusion of whole leaf tea, full-spectrum hemp and organic mushrooms for a balanced mind. We offer a new world of taste with only the essentials to provide plant-based energy. We’re here to replace your ‘afternoon cup’ of coffee! We brew each tea in-house in Tucson, Arizona, honoring traditional methods for a refreshingly nutritious experience.

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