Is your current computer starting to give you all kinds of problems?

You could replace it with a new one. But a basic home computer can cost upwards of $1,000. And even if you’re lucky enough to stumble upon a used computer that’s in decent shape, you’re still likely going to pay at least a few hundred dollars for it.

Rather than going the replacement route, why not find a reputable computer repair service that can fix your PC up and get it running like new again? It’ll cost a whole lot less than purchasing a new (or used!) computer and allow you to extend the life of the computer you have now.

Just make sure you choose the best home computer repair service before handing your computer over to them. Here are 6 tips that will help you track down the right repair shop for the job.

1. Begin by Taking a Look at Your Options

If you’ve never had computer repair done in the past, you might not know about all the different repair services in your specific area. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with them before choosing one to check out your computer.

Years ago, that would have meant finding the phone book and flipping through it. But in 2019, you can put together a comprehensive list of all the computer repair services in your city or town by conducting a simple Google search.

Punch the words “computer repair service” and the name of your city into a Google search and see what comes up. You’ll often find at least a dozen computer repair shops within 10 or 20 miles of your home.

Write down the names, addresses, and websites of these repair services. By doing this, you’ll be well on your way to finding the right repair shop to work on your computer.

2. Ask People You Trust for Recommendations

Generating a list of computer repair services in your area will get you off to a great start. But narrowing that list down to the top repair service can be a challenge.

One way to go about doing it is by asking your family members, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and other people you trust for recommendations.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about 80 percent of American households have computers these days. That means there’s a good chance you know someone who has had to have their computer fixed at some point in the past.

Ask around and see if people you know can offer up recommendations for repair services in your city or town. If nothing else, they may be able to tell you which services not to use based on their previous experiences.

3. Read Through Lots of Online Reviews

If you aren’t able to find anyone to provide you with a computer repair service recommendation, there are other ways to see what people have to say about repair services in your area.

In this day and age, just about every business in every industry has online reviews available. Most businesses encourage customers to leave reviews for them on different websites like Yelp and Facebook.

Find online reviews for the different computer repair shops that you wrote down earlier after conducting a Google search for services in your city or town. Scan through them to get a feel for what people have said about specific services over the years.

4. Check Out the Websites for Repair Services

Outside of using the internet to browse through online reviews for computer repair services, you can also use it to visit the websites for repair shops. The websites will provide you with some background information on the history of each individual repair service.

The websites will also let you know which computer repair services each shop offers. You’ll want to find a business that can offer you the services you need to get your computer working again.

Some common computer repair services include:

Not all computer repair shops provide the same services. Some only work on home computers, while others specialize in servicing business computers. Your job is to find one that can deliver the services you need.

5. See How Quickly Different Services Work

People use their home computers for lots of different things. From keeping tabs on their family budget to playing games, they can’t be without their computers for very long.

The computer repair service you choose should be capable of fixing your computer within 24 to 48 hours, if possible. This will allow you to get your computer back in no time.

Don’t be afraid to ask a repair shop how long you should expect to wait to get your computer back from them. If they aren’t going to be able to get to it for a few days, take your business elsewhere.

6. Consider the Costs Associated With Computer Repair

You shouldn’t necessarily select a computer repair service based on price alone. If you simply choose the cheapest repair shop in town, they may not offer the best repair services.

But you do want to be mindful about how much you’re spending to fix your computer. The last thing you want to do is pay what it would cost to buy a new computer to fix your old one.

Inquire about the pricing at a repair shop before taking your computer in for service. If you can, ask a shop to set you up with a repair estimate ahead of time so that you’re not surprised when you get your final bill.

Search for the Right Computer Repair Service Today

Whether you need to replace a part in your computer or get rid of a pesky virus, you can call on a local computer repair service to get it done for you.

But don’t trust just anyone to work on your computer. You should always take it to an experienced business that knows exactly what they’re doing when it comes to computer repair.

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