when to change the coil on your vaping device

There is no determined “chronological” times for changing the coil, but “logical” times when doing it is appropriate. The same type of coil might last 10 days for one person and a month for another.
The time in days will vary hugely from one person to another according to the voltage settings, coil resistance, type of e-liquid used and intensity or frequency in vaping.

Here are different reasons why you might want to change the coil:

  1. When you notice a decrease in vapor amount: As the coil wears out its resistance increases and the vapor production diminishes (assuming a constant Voltage setting)
  2. After you got a really bad “dry hit”: this usually occurs because the coil was not well primed after changing it, or you forgot to check the liquid level in the tank and kept vaping with and empty tank until you got a disgusting dry hit…it happens! A dry hit means you burned the cotton of the coil (that is where the bad flavor comes from), so a new coil is in order.
  3. When you want to change flavors: if you want to appreciate a different flavor and you do not have the option of simply using a different tank, you might want to not only clean the tank but also change the coil, so you can really taste the flavor as is, not mixed with the previous flavor.
  4. When your vaporizer seems to have stopped working: Sometimes the coils simply break (the wire, the resistance breaks) so the flow of electricity is interrupted, and your device seems to be at fault. Your battery might read 0.00 or 9.99 (meaning error). Many times what looks like a faulty battery is in reality a faulty coil, or a coil that has reached the end of its useful life.
  5. When suddenly the tank starts leaking down through the base: Some worn coils might start leaking at the bottom, passing liquid to the base, a sign the coil needs to be changed.

The coil is the piece where all the magic happens, it is where the vapor and the flavor is finally determined so it is important to change them often when its performance starts to degrade. If you are curious about how the coil produces the vapor please read this article: How is the vapor of a vape device produced

It is also very important to prime the coil properly before using it so you don’t burn it and get a dry hit. If you are interested in a few tips for priming the coil please read this article: “ How to prime the coil

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