With the help of this social networking real-time platform, users find info about poppin’ venues in their area, as the phone works as a mobile detector to find awesome spots, BrainyApps.com reports


Corona de Tucson, AZ, October 19, 2020 – Meet Tiffany. Tiffany loves trying out new bars, social events, and clubs in her area. Unfortunately for Tiffany, it was hard for her to find a place that she enjoys. However, a friend told her about the What’s Poppin App. What’s Poppin is a handy social networking real-time platform that will turn any phone into a mobile detector when the user is looking for awesome social events, clubs, bars, or nice spots in a specific area. This app can also be a platform for business owners to have an online presence for their customers. With 0% doubt, this app will become an indispensable tool in a person’s daily life.

“The user will be informed of how busy an establishment is, view establishment details, see live updates, search for poppin’ spots using filters such as a nightclub, sports bar, live music, etc. The provider wishes to give the user the best and most accommodating service hence they’ve built a great number of features for users to love and enjoy. With just a few taps, anyone can save more time by adding pins, getting establishment directions, check establishment services, promotions, events, etc. Thank them later; with this platform’s easy accessibility finding the most poppin’ spots is now easier than ever with just a click on the phone,” the What’s Poppin’ App Developer explains.

The difference between this app and other social event apps is that it provides updates to users on what’s poppin’ around their local area in real-time. To use the app, users simply download and sign up for the app using an email address. From there, users can begin to browse the app’s feed for bars, live music, clubs, and social events happening near them instantly.

“The users can browse the various venues to see what others are saying; you can like, comment, post short videos or post pictures, and share reviews of the various venues within the app live. Traveling out of state? No problem, the app uses your phone’s current location to keep you in the know of what’s around you. Are you a business owner who’s looking to have a better online presence and attract potential new customers? Simply sign up for a subscription and create a business account to list your venue or event in the What’s Poppin App. Businesses can list their information including phone number and address as well as their services, promotions, events, and more. Business owners can also post pictures and videos to their page as well as allowing users to message them through the app,” What’s Popping LLC. states.

Another exciting feature of the app is the map. Users will be able to see how many Poppin venues are within a 50-mile radius by seeing real-time heat signatures of the various venues in the app. Users can then click on the Poppin venue’s details to get more information.

“What are you waiting for? Stay informed and never miss What’s Poppin near you. Download the What’s Poppin App now available for both Android and IOS devices,” What’s Popping LLC. declares.

Check out Whatspoppinapp.com to learn more!

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