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Our Real Estate Agency Sofia Bulgaria business is to arrange the selling or renting of houses, land, offices, or buildings for their owners.

We are deeply knowledgeable about the local laws on the buying and selling of property in Sofia. We concentrate on properties in the best southern part of Sofia as we are experts in this area and do not waste our time travelling all day for little or no result.

We understand the trends in the Sofia local property market, as well as what are competitive prices are for the different types of properties in the various districts Sofia.

Built up over the last 15 years, Luxury Property are staffed by real estate agents who have the skill and expertise to market the property and sell for the best possible price and conditions, or to search for property that suits a client’s needs and buy it at the best price possible with the most favourable terms.

Negotiation is a key skill of our work, as we act as the intermediary between buyer and seller and will negotiate on our client’s behalf.

We have a team of enterprising individuals who are assertive, energetic, enthusiastic, confident, optimistic and persuasive.

Tasks That We Perform Every Day

Every day we perform the following administrative tasks that are at the core of our well-run real estate business in Sofia:

  • We keep up with real estate market activity and industry news in Sofia
  • We research active, pending, and sold real estate listings in Sofia
  • We compile, submit, and file paperwork, such as real estate contracts with the proper state agencies in Sofia
  • We plan and coordinate appointments, open houses, showings, and meetings with clients and other real estate agents in Sofia
  • We develop marketing plans for listings and creates fliers, newsletters, and other promotional collateral for new real estate listings in Sofia
  • We quickly respond to incoming emails, text messages and phone calls
  • We update our website, Facebook and Instagram social media, and blog
  • We advertise our properties in Bulgaria, Europe and north America

What Makes Luxury Property Different to Other Real Estate Agencies in Sofia?

There are many real estate agents in Sofia, but what makes Luxury Property stand out:

  • We are experts in Digital Marketing so that your property can have the widest possible reach
  • We respond to all calls, emails, and messages immediately and there will always be someone in the office
  • We provide a single point of contact to all sellers, landlords, buyers, and renters
  • We speak Bulgarian, English, Italian Spanish and Russian so there are excellent communications and no expensive mistakes
  • We specialise in the luxury property market in Sofia
  • We conduct extensive networking at local and international events in Sofia
  • We know how to effectively and quickly close deals
  • We attend industry conferences and seminars to keep up to date with the real estate market

Why Choose Luxury Property to Sell or Rent your Property in Sofia?

Whether it is a new development or an existing building, we insist on meeting the owners so that we can develop a relationship. Luxury Property will:

  • At the first meeting get to understand the need of seller and the new property listing in Sofia
  • Demonstrate our market knowledge, marketing abilities, and negotiation skills
  • Research the current market activity and comparable properties to establish an asking price
  • Take photos and videos of the property, inside and out, to prepare a listing presentation and advertising collateral
  • Market the property online on our website, social media and real estate property listing sites
  • Stage the home properly so it shows well and conduct open houses

How Luxury Property Works with Buyers

Without buyers your property will always remain on the market. However, especially after the ongoing global health crisis, it is not always to meet the buyers in person, so we have invested in the latest video technology so that we can effectively market your property for sale in Sofia worldwide.

  • Meet with, in person or online, interview, understand, and qualify prospective buyers
  • Advise them on the area, market conditions, and educate if properties are priced correctly or not.
  • Research the property market in Sofia for potential properties that fit the needs of the buyer
  • Plan property showings for buyers and set up appointments that fit in with their schedule.
  • Show selected properties to buyers and communicate any details of the property we have learned during our research or while talking to other agents
  • Negotiate with both parties to ensure a successful real estate transaction in Sofia
  • Help the buyers to secure a mortgage
  • Coordinate the transaction process on the buyer side
  • Schedule appraisals, inspections, and other activities related to the transaction
  • Deliver and explain all documents, title insurance, deeds, etc.
  • Work with the buyer through the closing and getting their keys

Networking with other Real Estate Agents in Sofia

We realise that we do have every real estate property for sale in Sofia on our database (and neither do we want to), so we understand that networking with other real estate agents in Sofia will help find you the best real estate investment in Sofia.

Having worked in real estate marketing in Sofia for the last 15 years we have developed a first-class network of contacts to reach out to when looking for buyers and sellers of real estate in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Our Ethical Approach to Real Estate Agency Sofia Bulgaria

We promise to abide by the following duties as a Real Estate Agency Sofia Bulgaria:

  • We will promote our clients’ interests before our own and treat all parties involved honestly
  • We will avoid exaggerating, misrepresenting, or withholding facts about the property or transaction
  • We will cooperate with other brokers when it is in our client’s best interests
  • We will avoid providing professional services regarding a property they have an interest in, unless it is disclosed to the client
  • We will receive the client’s consent and knowledge before accepting any form of payment or commission
  • We will disclose to all parties and receive consent from our client if a payment is to be received from more than one party involved in a transaction
  • We will keep personal funds and clients’ funds separated
  • We will ensure that all agreements are clearly and understandably communicated between all parties involved in the transaction, and that each party receives a copy of each agreement.
  • We will refrain from discriminating against any person based on race, colour, religion, sex, handicap, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity
  • We will be truthful in our advertising and marketing materials
  • We will not make false or misleading statements about other real estate professionals
  • We will not interfere in another realtor’s contractual relationships
  • We will handle disputes with other realtors through arbitration instead of litigation