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When you choose to end your marriage, you’ll probably have shared property and debts that must be equally distributed between you and your spouse. You may also have children for whom custody and support must be arranged. You’ll want someone who can represent you in these proceedings, which is why you’ll want to find divorce lawyers near me.

What does a divorce attorney do?

There are many legal aspects involved with terminating a marriage. Your family lawyer will ensure that your assets are equally divided between you and your spouse. They’ll also set terms for child custody and support when children are involved. All of these things require thorough research, detailed paperwork, and court filings.

Why you should hire a divorce attorney

There are some circumstances in which it simply makes sense to hire divorce lawyers near me. These circumstances include:

●     When there’s been some type of abuse that’s occurred within your marriage

●     If you think that your spouse is either lying or being vindictive about certain issues

●     Anytime your spouse has already gone ahead and retained their own divorce lawyer

●     If your divorce involves children or there are any complicated financial issues involved

What to expect when visiting a divorce attorney

The practice of law is somewhere between a science and an art form. There are some things you should expect your divorce attorney to be doing for you, including:


●     You’ll want to make sure that you discuss the overall plan your attorney has for your case. This is important because you want to have an end in sight. You don’t want to be caught in limbo because your attorney is too busy to do their job.


●     When your first case begins, your lawyer should get all of your spouse’s financial records so that you’ll both know what needs to be divided up.


●     It’s also crucial for your attorney to determine whether your case will require any experts. For instance, if either you or your partner has started a business during the course of your marriage it’ll be important to get a business appraiser involved so that you can estimate the value of the business.


●     Regardless of the circumstances, your attorney should be willing to hear any proposal your spouse makes for a reasonable settlement agreement. Of course, this should be something that your attorney will be skilled at negotiating on your behalf.


●     One of the big things you’ll want to make sure of is that your attorney is prompt in any and all of their correspondence. Attorneys or their staff should be available for you to speak with so that any letters or correspondence are forwarded to your attention within 24 hours of being received by your attorney. If you call your attorney, you should be able to speak with them within 24 hours unless they’re in court in the middle of a trial.


●     If your case does head to trial, your attorney will be responsible for promptly lining up any witnesses that you may need. He should also take the time to make sure that you’re fully prepared for the trial and any questions he may ask therein.

When you should see a divorce attorney

At the first mention of a divorce, you should consult with an attorney. This is because you’ll have many different options on how to handle the proceedings. You’ll find that this is even more important when there are children involved because you’ll need to discuss things like custody and co-parenting.


If you start working your way through a divorce without talking to a lawyer first, you may be faced with some unexpected legal issues. This is because informal agreements tend to have far-reaching implications. Meeting with a lawyer will, at the very least, help you to know what your options are and how the process works so you can have peace of mind.

How much does a divorce attorney cost?

Although you can probably tell that it’d be a good idea to have someone who practices family law by your side as you make your way through a divorce, you may find yourself worrying about how much this is going to cost you. When asked, most people throughout the nation today report that they pay their attorney approximately $270 per hour. However, you should know that individual rates vary a lot. Nevertheless, rates of between $200 and $300 per hour do tend to be the norm. It’s also normal to pay more money for more highly experienced attorneys.

Checking on credentials

In order to practice as a divorce attorney, your lawyer must have both a bachelor’s degree and a law degree. They must also pass your state’s Bar exam so that they’re licensed by the state in which they’re working. For this, your lawyer is also required to continue taking classes so that they remain up to date with the area of the law which they’re practicing.


Now that you have a good idea of whether you need an attorney, you should know what to look for if you do decide to hire one. Some of the characteristics that are important for a good family lawyer to have include:


●     Good communication skills are critical because you need to be able to effectively communicate with them.


●     You don’t just want someone who can represent you when it comes to family law; you want someone who can represent you well. For this, your lawyer needs to be both knowledgeable and experienced enough to deal with your case’s complexities.


●     Make sure that your lawyer is available or has staff that are there when you need them (e.g. paralegals, support attorneys, legal assistants). The last thing you want is for there to come a time when you need to speak to them and they have nobody available.

●     Not only should your attorney stay calm and focused when they’re with you, but they should also be able to exhibit self-control when your spouse’s attorney frustrates them.

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