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What if you were buying snake oil instead of CBD oil?

There are many oils out there of various qualities. And if you want to get the good stuff, you have to know what you’re looking for.

Wondering what to look for when buying CBD oil? Keep reading to discover the answers!

All About Hemp

When shopping for high-quality CBD oil, you may need to inspect the source. And that means understanding everything about the hemp that was used to produce the oil.

At the bare minimum, Hemp CBD grown within the United States is the most important thing to look for, Hemp CBD is mostly non-gmo, though certification for organic Hemp CBD has just recently come into play. Make sure to know the products you are buying have been third party tested and have quality Certificates of Analysis, this helps to ensure that you are not ingesting anything that has come into contact with pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

Consider shopping for CBD oil like shopping for any other organic product. You will want to find sellers you can trust and who are able to verify exactly where the product came from, right down to the hemp.

How Was It Extracted?

The hemp is obviously important. However, it is equally important that you understand exactly how the CBD oil was extracted.

For example, many companies try to get away with butane and other extraction methods that produce a variety of respiratory issues. They do this to save money, but it might be your health that ends up “paying.”

The best extraction methods to look for are supercritical (also called subcritical) CO2 methods. This produces a more potent oil but that oil typically comes at a higher cost than the cheaper methods.

If you ask us, it’s worth paying extra for both a better experience and better health.

THC Levels

Some of the things to look for in high-quality CBD oil are more obvious than others. As an example, you’ll want to understand exactly how much THC is in the oil.

Based on 2018 Farm Bill CBD oil must have less than 0.30% THC. and this can be important depending on your exact needs.

There is also the Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD option this Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD option contains no THC at all. If it is important to you or your employer that you have no THC in your body, you may wish to stick with such oils.

Others may want to choose Full Spectrum Hemp CBD which has trace amounts of THC in it(within, of course, the confines of the law).

Other Sourcing Details

Earlier, we discussed the importance of knowing all of the hemp details that you can. However, it’s also important to understand other aspects of your CBD oil source.

It’s good to know details such as how (and where) it was grown and what the exact cannabis species is. Some people may have a better experience with certain species than others, just like with any other product that contains THC.

And knowing exactly where everything was grown lets you conduct your own independent research about the quality of the soil and whether there is any risk of contamination.

Total CBD

As you know, not all CBD oils are created equal. If you’re wondering how to choose CBD oil, you need to understand the amount of CBD concentration in the oil.

For example, you’ll want something that has at least 250mg per fluid ounce. And some really high concentrations may have up to 1,000mg per fluid ounce.

Shopping from sites that research the quality of the Hemp CBD Oil is important. Look for USA Hemp CBD with quality Certificates of Analysis(COA), no pesticides or heavy metals, if the company can’t provide you with these results it would be worth your time to shop elsewhere. Knowing this information will save you from getting a watered down oil or hemp cbd with chemicals in it. If you are using large amounts of oil in order to get any benefit at all, you might question the quality of your CBD product!

Company Accountability

A true measure of any product is how accountable the company making it is. And CBD oil manufacturers are no exception to this rule!

One easy way to gauge accountability is to see how easy the company makes it to contact their office. Do they put their corporate phone number on the packaging and have a “contact us” section on their website?

Beyond this, you can always look into various user and consumer reviews of the product. This includes researching product reviews and also monitoring social media chatter about the company.

Long story short? Treat this like any other major purchase and do as much company homework as you can before you spend any of your money.

Shady Advertising

Speaking of company accountability, you also need to be wary of shady advertising. If a company appears to be engaging in any “sleight of hand” advertising, then you will know they cannot be trusted.

You already know how to watch out for the THC amount and CBD concentration. And if the company is making it hard to find those numbers, you should find it hard to trust them.

Other shady tactics involve claims about being made with “superfoods.” Check the fine print, though: you typically would need to ingest multiple bottles of CBD oil to receive any of the alleged superfood benefits.

No product should resort to misleading advertising to try to win your trust.

Too Cheap to Be True?

We’ll be honest with you: CBD oil can be expensive. And really high-quality CBD oil can actually be really expensive.

Because of this, many consumers try to find as many deals as they can. We have some simple words of warning, though: you get what you pay for!

Cheap oils typically come from companies using unsafe extraction methods and untrained labor. They are basically cutting as many corners as possible and passing those savings on to you.

However, bad CBD oil is a waste of money. You’re not “saving money” if you have to buy multiple bottles to get any positive effects.

And bad extraction methods could even lead to health issues for your body!

What To Look For When Buying CBD Oil: The Bottom Line

Now you know what to look for when buying CBD oil. But do you know how to find a trusted vendor from the comfort of your own home?

At Infused CBD Marketplace, we have the oils and accessories you are looking for. To see how we can take your experience to the next level, just contact us today!