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What Is The Meaning Of A Psychic Medium?

Before we tackle this topic, let us first differentiate the two.

The clairvoyant is a person with the ability to have a psychic phenomenon. They can either see, feel, and smell certain events, happenings, incidents that may happen to a person, or to happen to someone. Psychics are not a medium, but some can be a medium.

Clairvoyance is having the ability to get knowledge and information that is not usual with ordinary people. It is also called ESP or extrasensory perception.

So, if you need to ask anything about your past, present and your future, then a clairvoyant is your best choice.

Mediums Can:

  • Speak to the dead.
  • Talk to spirits.
  • Connect with dead relatives.
  • Have an inborn spiritual gift for hearing from spirits.
  • Often charge money for mediumship work.

Mediums, on the other hand, can communicate with spirits of those who have died, spirit guides, and angels. A medium focuses on the energy of people or objects to get information or to receive a message. Mediums can communicate with the spirit and those who have died.

The messages a medium receives can then be passed on to those who are alive and.

Mediums can use their body as a vessel for other spirits to take over their body.

Being a clairvoyant medium is a gift, and few of them can be a medium and a clairvoyant and vice versa.

What can a clairvoyant medium do to help you?

The clairvoyant mediums can be your link to the spirit world

The mediums can commune with the spirit every time because they can do so. In the olden days or ancient cultures, those people who have this ability are called shamans.

Now they are called different names. The clairvoyant mediums can communicate with your loved one who passed away, and they can be your only way to ask questions you’ve been meaning to ask your loved one who died. There may be important issues that you need to resolve, but they died before you do.

They can act as a vessel for the spirit of your deceased loved one.

Clairvoyant mediums have a more advanced ability because they can use their body as a vessel to accept the spirit of your deceased family member so they can talk to you directly. Sometimes the conversation can be two-sided or one-sided where the medium will say things to you from the deceased, but you cannot speak directly to the spirit. Two-sided is where you can speak directly to the medium, (now as your deceased loved one), and your loved one can talk to you. This is the most beneficial form of conversations because you get to ask questions directly, and you get a direct answer as well.

Most of those who need to talk to their lost loved ones want this form of service as they get a ready answer, and they feel good about talking to their supposed deceased relative.

They also get to move on to a better life once they are satisfied with the answers they get from the clairvoyant medium. Clients who avail of this service are mostly those whose partner has died because of accidents, those who have a violent death, or died in their sleep. Since they could not talk directly to them, they are looking for a way to speak to them with the help of clairvoyant mediums.

They can use prized possession of the deceased to gain information.

A clairvoyant medium can also touch anything that the deceased previously owned like a piece of clothing, or jewelry perhaps, or anything that the deceased used during their lifetime. A clairvoyant can use their ability to see clearly as if they get the energy from the item they are holding. Because of their capability to see past, present, and future. The item can even tell so much unsaid information such as what the deceased were feeling while they were alive, what ails them, what hurts them, and who made them happy.

This style is also used for those who are missing and feared to be dead. Or also used sometimes for those who have taken their own life. The item can say so much about what made them do the act of taking their own life or what pushed them to do so.

There are also the authorities who need the help of a clairvoyant medium for cases that they can’t seem to solve and puzzles them. They make clairvoyant mediums help track down what happened to the person missing. Sometimes the medium can successfully find the missing person’s body, but there are also times when they fail. This may also be because of the spirit’s guidance as they talk to the medium, so their body can be found.

Sometimes it is not just items owned by the missing person, but also they use their pictures.

A capable clairvoyant medium can use different tactics to find the person even when they are dead to help the family of that missing person.

Using their ability while they sleep

A clairvoyant medium can even use their abilities while they are sleeping. They utter a prayer first, say their intentions, and for whom this intention is for. So they will have to say the name of the spirit they would like to have a conversation with while they are asleep. Most clairvoyants have open eyes and can communicate while they are asleep as long as they are communicating with the rightful spirit.

Clairvoyant medium has this ability, which is not common to most of them as they gain it through time and training. Some are already gifted with it even early on.

While other spirits talk to them while they are asleep without the clairvoyant medium asking for it, these spirits may have important messages that they want or need to get across to their living relative, and may be of utmost importance that they need to talk to the medium the soonest time.

A medium who is also clairvoyant can give you warnings

The clairvoyant medium can get messages from the spirit world, and it may contain some warnings for the living family of the deceased. Sometimes, because of the powerful energy of love between the deceased and their living family, they tend to still look after them. Giving warnings about a forthcoming event that may harm them, any accident that may involve them, or even a warning about their health.

The spirit does not feel separated even in death, hence, they still give warnings to their living family. Maybe they are looking after them before he/she died, so the previous role is still intact with the spirit.

They will show themselves to the clairvoyant medium to warn you about a decision you are about to make. It can be a vacation that may go wrong, it may also be about the person you are to marry, it may be about a sale of a property which your deceased loved one does not want you to do.

There are many warnings that our beloved departed can bring to us, and it is their way of showing us that even in death they will love us no matter what.

Clairvoyant Mediums can be your all-seeing eyes.

They can help you in your session to see your beloved departed. They may not use their body as a vessel, but they will use their eyes to see your deceased loved one. They can sit or stand beside you while the session is ongoing, and the medium can tell you about this. How your deceased loved one look, does he look calm and happy? Is he glowing and not having a look of agony?

A clairvoyant medium can tell you everything, since they can see the spirit. You can also ask some questions for your deceased family member, and the medium can get the answer for you.

Clairvoyant medium has their eyes open, and because of this ability, they can see spirits that are not readily seen by ordinary people.

Clairvoyant Mediums can call your deceased loved one for you

Since they can communicate with the spirit world, it will be easy for them to call on to your loved one who passed away. If you need to talk to your loved one and if you want closure like when you cannot say your goodbyes and if it’s what makes you move on.

clairvoyant medium can easily do this and help you with your worries. This is the hardest for those who are left by their loved ones, the grief and agony they feel because they could not see them while they are alive. The living relative would like to hold on to the thought that they can finally move on and live their life because they were able to say their goodbyes and say how much they love the deceased loved one.

Although some clairvoyant mediums are being duplicated by spurious people, but many are highly dedicated to their craft.

A clairvoyant can be a medium because they have a higher sense of being because of their gifts that are honed through time.

They can do what they do as they have an increased perception compared to ordinary people.